Vacu Vin Popsome Herb & Spice Storage

Popsome Herb & Spice Storage

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Product Features

This Popsome Herb & Spice Storage from Vacu Vin is a practical, hygienic, unique idea for storing and pouring herbs and spices. The storage pots have a flexible, brightly coloured lid which pulls up with a "pop" to open the container and allow the herbs or spices to be dispensed into your hand, or directly over food.

This set includes six storage pots, in a variety of shades of green, and a convenient, stackable stand from which to hang them, which is designed specially so that more sets of Popsome Herbs & Spices can be added if necessary.

Vacu Vin pride themselves on their original, functional designs, which are all patented, so you know they are unique, and such quality of design will be impossible to find elsewhere.

Vacu Vin have designed a patented "Oxiloc" system which ensures the Popsome Herb & Spice pots remain airtight when the flexible lid is pushed down. When the lid is pulled up, it provides easy access to the contents, whilst maintaining hygiene as there is no need to place fingers or hands into the container.

Popsome Herbs & Spices are dishwasher safe, and are produced under ISO standards (International Organisation for Standardisation) so every customer is guaranteed fantastic quality.

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