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10 Fabulous Things To Do With A Kilner Preserve Bottle

cliptop-bottles1Kilner jars have stood the test of time for over 150 years, and although the clever iconic clip top design has been updated over time, Kilner preserve jars still maintain the original vacuum feature invented by John Kilner around 1840.

Today, as well as many different preserve jars, Kilner also make preserve bottles. Ideal for liquid preserves, these bottles are functional, and offer the same clip top vacuum storage as the archetypal Kilner jar, but on top of this they look fabulous. So, not only are they a useful kitchen tool, they can be used as a decorative piece as well.

In recent years, many households have seen something of a revival of the classic 1950’s housewife, and people are getting more and more into making things at home, from cakes and pies to cushions and gifts. So to celebrate what we believe is a beautiful piece of kitchenware, we have trawled the internet to come up with the top ten things you could make and put in a Kilner preserve bottle to turn it into the perfect homemade gift!

oliveoil_300x3001. Infused Olive Oil: These make a great present because they add that little something extra to your cooking, look beautiful on display, and they don’t break the bank. Check out the methods we found here!

2. Homemade Fruit Syrups: Vibrant, colourful homemade syrups are tasty and can be given as a gift with this fantastic recipe for Italian Sodas, or could be used as yummy homemade cordial.

3. Homemade Limoncello: The traditional Italian lemon liqueur is usually produced in Southern Italy, but you could recreate it yourself for a fabulous after dinner digestive which will look simply stunning in the Kilner preserve bottles! Check out this lovely recipe here.

4. Homemade Vanilla Extract: A fabulous gift idea for home bakers, this looks and smells delicious and will last for years. Get the recipe here!

5. Mushroom Ketchup: Yes, that’s right; the word ketchup does not only apply to the popular tomato based sauce. Try making this alternative ketchup for a quirky gift, in a delightful Kilner preserve bottle of course. Get the recipe here!

6. Elderflower Cordial: Elderflowers are in season around the end of May and beginning of June so now is the perfect time to make this tasty cordial to make a lovely homemade gift. Here is a great recipe for this refreshing cordial!


7. Nettle Cordial: If you want to be really daring, this nettle cordial recipe makes the perfect refreshing yet totally unique gift.

8. Homemade Salad Dressing: There are many many recipes we could give you that make yummy dressings, but we particularly like this Sweet n Spicy Rosemary Salad Dressing from Renaissance Herbs in Australia.

9. Homemade Diffuser Oil: A great scented gift which will look super stylish in a Kilner bottle.

10. Homemade Bath Salts: These are super easy to make and a lovely gift. You’ll just need a funnel to get them into the bottle! For directions, click here!

To get started, shop for you Kilner Preserve Bottles here, and get started on your stunning homemade gifts now.

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