The Great British Bake Off, Top 10

Top 9 British Bake Off Innuendos!

We all love the Great British Bake Off, with its delicious deserts and of course Hollywood’s baby blues, its no wonder that it’s the nations favourite program. After 7 series and a collective 45 million viewers, the program has got us well and truly hooked. By 2016, I think it’s safe to say that its not just the gripping bakes that have caught our attention; lets not forget all those side-splitting innuendos. Yes yes, these dirty, punny inudendos are arguably part of the reason for the shows popularity and so we’ve compiled a list of all our favourites.

You’re going to want to put the cake down for these, some of these moments are utter filth & we love it! Don’t say we didn’t warn you..

  1. We understand that the adjective ‘moist’ is inevitably going to crop up on a baking show, but Mary Berry really stepped things up a notch this time.

landscape-1444230590-10At least she’s enjoying her self, eh?



2.  And as for the contestants.. Who can really blame them, they’re only following in their mentors’ footsteps….

bake off

Oh, hey Andrew, fancy lending a hand to your fellow baker Candice?…


3. Hollywood’s as jammy as ever. A gentleman never tells, right Paul?

naughty paul

Well, they say sharing’s caring! #BroCode



4. Do you ever just forget to think before you speak? Yeah, same here Mary.


Yep, your secrets out now, Berry.



5. The bake off is not all sponges and soufflés.. Thanks for the tip Mary!


*no comment*


6. Wow, um… It’s not really that kind of show Sue!






7. Moving swiftly onwards.. Or not!



8. Ah, yes. Surely we can count on Mel to bring us all back to reality.



Unfortunately we cannot. Oh stop it Mel!


9. Well that’s very considerate of you, at least you’re considerate Sue.


10. Last but not least. They don’t say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure for no reason!


tumblr_nd57ifxaeW1rs8ltio1_500tumblr_oci4hfNDRi1us3a2uo1_400Oh we do love you Selasi!

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