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5 Decorating Tips For Late Summer

It felt like it would never arrive and now we are nearing the end of summer. It’s almost time to swap out your summer essentials for those Pumpkin Spiced candles and cosy knits, but not quite just yet. If you are looking to make the most of these late-summer weeks we have a few tips on how to keep that light summer feeling, for just a little longer. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Long summer nights are some of my favourite. The air is still warm but the sky begins to dim, making it perfect for cosying up with a book or having an evening meal with friends. Lighting helps create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere and so choosing the right type is an essential. Now, there’s a world of options for you to choose from and there is nothing to say you cannot mix and match, but we believe you cannot go wrong with some trusty lanterns. We love large lantern decor, especially for an outdoor area. They offer a stylish and decorative touch whilst diffusing a warming glow. Why not try our ever popular ‘Sia Lantern‘ this summer? The elegant contours of the Sia lantern are enhanced with the antique black metal finish. This striking frame holds the tall glass panels and provides the perfect silhouette for a church candle or t-light.

Find Your Summer Scent 

We truly believe one of the most effective ‘finishing touches’ for your home is the scent. After all, it is just as personal as your interior style! Now, we all know spiced pumpkin is for autumn and cinnamon is for Christmas, but what scents go hand in hand with our summer season? Classic summer fragrances incorporate refreshing notes of coconut, vanilla and lemon but you can always shop for something a little more unique. Whether that be the salty scent of the sea or the smell of pillows billowing in the wind, all are perfect for this time of year. If in need of some inspo, we love the Citrus Verbena Diffuser in our home! The scent creates and spreads the warmth of a summer morning and is beautifully complemented with a hint of grassy sweetness. Made from the finest oils, the citrus scented liquid is bursting with ripe lemons and crisp green leaves.

You can shop the diffuser here.

Experiment With Woven Textures

Although we love our neutrals, adding woven pieces can really make the room feel complete, allowing you to step back and say “done”. Woven textures add depth and interest to the room and well, what better materials to use than bamboo and rattan? Whether you choose to experiment with bamboo shades or rattan blinds, they will add an instant touch of warmth to your all white colour palette. Whilst freshening up the room, they also give it an element of cosiness so your house feels that little bit more homely! Complementary to all the neutrals and marries perfectly with the greenery you will be brining in this summertime. We suggest making your lighting a focal point with the Nkuku Noko Wicker Dome Pendant. Its the perfect finishing touch to a cosy nook or living space!

Introduce Some Summertime Stripes

Stripes have really stood the test of time and will forever be in trend in the decor world! If you don’t want colour on the walls, but you’re after a littler pop of it, then stripes are the clear solution. They’re the kind of accessory you can never get bored of. After all, you have the luxury of playing with their colour, width and even the way you place them – horizontally or vertically. No matter the room they are placed in, they instantly bring vivacity, energy and structure. Luckily for us, Elvang have brought out a beautiful selection of striped linens just in time for the summer. Lyme Grass is a relaxed yet stylish collection of throws and cushions made of soft, delicate cotton. The throw is well suited for indoor as well as outdoor use and comes in 4 beautiful colours. 

Swap In Linen Bedding

The hot, humid months call for one thing – linen sheets! They are light and breathable and feel just like second skin (perfect for all the hot sleepers out there). With plenty of air flow and moisture wicking, you wont find yourself stifled as you would be from synthetic or heavier sheets. Not to mention to the fact that they also have a lovely laid-back appeal and come in a beautiful array of summery colours.  

Shop our bedding collection here

And just like that, your home is ready for the hot, balmy summer months. We hope you found this blog useful and be sure to let us know in the comments if so. We look forward to seeing how you freshen up your space for this time of year! 

Best Wishes, Poppy x


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