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5 Tips For Surviving Storm Dudley

The weather in the UK has been nothing short of awful recently and the majority of us have been stuck inside when not at work. This can be incredibly frustrating if you’re not equipped for some time at home, so we have popped together a quick list of stormy weather must-haves to help you make the most of this gloomy time! 

The most important thing during a storm is of course staying safe, warm and dry. Once you’ve got those essentials ticked off you can focus on enjoying your time at home with the items below. 

Snuggly Blankets

Staying warm and cosy is high up on our priority list during times of bad weather. Being snuggled up under a nice, soft blanket can make you feel safe and relaxed. Scientists have done studies that show being under a blanket can help with the release of neurotransmitters that can help us feel calm, they even trigger positive emotional responses in the limbic system of the brain. Why not soak up all of these blanket-benefits in style? Having a beautiful throw is not only good for stormy times but can add that all important texture to your space when not in use.

Our personal favourite is our Recycled Cotton Ekin Throw from Bloomingville, which you can view here. It’s made from sustainable materials, has the perfect buttery-soft feel and features the coming seasons muted-natural tones; simply stunning if you ask us and perfect for cosying up under during storm Dudley!

Lanterns & Candles

It’s common knowledge that candles bring with them a charming, peaceful feel. There’s something soothing about the flickering glow, especially on a gloomy day. By lighting a candle or two you can create an inviting den-like feel to your home despite the lashings of rain on your windows. Plus, on the off chance your power does go out, you won’t be left in total darkness! We love candles at all times of day, lighting candles in the morning feels almost ritualistic and can help you to have a calm, clear-headed day. If you have little ones or pets, sometimes the added security of a beautiful lantern can give you peace of mind and reduce the fire-hazard element in your glowing front room.. You can view our collection of lanterns here, and our candles here

Our all time favourite ‘candle’ is our candle-snow. Simply pour the loose wax into your favourite decor bowl, pop in the wicks and light for a beautiful glowing center piece! You can shop our best-selling Candle Snow here and the footed bowl it’s shown in here

Warming Drinks

There’s nothing better than you’re favourite coffee-house latte or mocha when you’re feeling chilly. So why not bring the delicious roasted coffee smell to your own home with our range off coffee machines? Our personal favourite is the brand new SMEG Bean to Cup machine which actually grinds fresh coffee beans for an authentic coffee taste, every time. Have a browse of the entire collection here

Cosy Mugs

This goes hand in hand with our previous point, drinking your favourite drink out of a mug you love can really elevate the whole experience. So whilst you’re cosying up under your snuggly blanket with your candles, pour yourself a creamy latte and relax. Our personal favourite is our brand new Bea mug from Bloomingville. With an organic lumpy-bumpy feel and adorable rounded shape, this mug is perfect for warming your mitts! Take a look at our entire collection of mugs here

Entertain Yourself 

Indulge yourself in nostalgic pleasures with a good old fashioned past-time. When we say ‘old-fashioned’ we simply mean it doesn’t involve Netflix. Whether the storm has left you with or without power, switch off those electrical and  throw yourself into a brain teasing game of chess or a puzzling jigsaw. These can be great for passing time with loved ones or simply distracting yourself. Either way, the aim here is to not sit around thinking about how rubbish the weather is, rather to indulge yourself in the cosy sanctuary you have created! We have a whole collection of board games here, or if books are more your thing, take a look at our brand-new bookstore here

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