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5 Ways To Create An Atmospheric Dusk Garden

5 Ways To Create An Atmospheric Dusk Garden

Summer is here and there has never been a better time to put those finishing touches to your garden. We’ve been busy curating a collection of impactful outdoor pieces that will add an enchanting atmosphere to your outdoor space whilst giving you that luxury holiday-evening feel, from the comfort of your own home. Doesn’t that sound lovely? 

As you likely know, lighting is a huge part of any interiors plan, the same applies to your garden. After all, our gardens act as an extra room that lends themselves to new designs, alternative seating options and more daring style choices which you may be to shy to try out indoors. The outdoors is one of our favourite places to style and accessorise, so we have popped together five simple steps that will have your garden looking like an outdoor paradise in no time.  So whether you want to host the ultimate summer BBQ in style, have the family over for drinks in the garden or simply fancy a place for you to enjoy the occasional al fresco dinner we have got you covered. 

1. Atmospheric Lighting 

There is nothing better than a mellow summers evening at home, when your lunch time family get-together turns into relaxing dusk drinks. The right lighting can create a magical, cosy feel that carries on long into the evening. We recommend playing with both heights and sources. Just wall lights alone won’t do the trick, but pair them with our mini fire lanterns, out overhead outdoor pendants and string lights for an all round enchanting space. 

Atmospheric Lighting

2. Comfortable Furniture

We spend weeks, sometimes months deciding on our indoor furniture. Ensuring that it offers both optimum comfort and style, the same goes for your garden. Whether you want a dinning set for 12, an intimate day bed for two or versatile floor cushions we have an array of solutions that will work for any space. We recommend deciding what your primary focus for your outdoor space is and then carefully selecting pieces to fit your space and your needs. 

Comfortable Furniture

3. Cosy Fire Pits & Lanterns 

This is hands down our favourite step, it’s so simple yet so effective. We have been working closely withe the Cosi Fire’s brand for years now and we love their designs more and more each summer. A fire pit makes for the perfect focal point of any outdoor space. Whether you’re working with a large space and fancy a feature fire-pit dining table or coffee table or simply want to add a little glow to a corner of your garden with a mini fire lantern, we have a selection to make your eyes light up. 

Cosy Fire Pits & Lanterns

4. BBQ’s and Outdoor Cooking

Think back to your favourite evenings outdoors, what do they all have in common? We bet there is a delicious smelling BBQ involved in someway or another! Whether you’re rustling up a feast for the whole family or simply grilling some juicy pineapple as a boujee snack for you and a friend, you need simply need a BBQ. We know the last thing you want is an eye sore in the corner of your beautifully styled outdoor space so we have curated a selection of BBQ’s and grills that will only enhance your space. From mini tabletop grills to retro style larger BBQ’s we offer the creme de la creme from Brazilian brand, Tramontina. 

BBQ’s & Outdoor Cooking

5. Outdoor Textiles

Whilst we have been blessed with some beautiful weather here in the UK in recent summers, there is no denying that once the sun begins to set, no amount of Hot Toddy’s or cups of tea is enough to beat the chill. Our last tip for creating a cosy, atmospheric outdoor space is strategically introducing textiles. Not only do they physically warm up a space, they enhance the ‘outdoor room’ feel, tying together your design elements and creating a truly homely feel to your garden. From outdoor rugs to floor cushions, throws and so much more, we have a selection to make you feel warm and cosy.

Outdoor Textiles

There you have it, our five simple steps to creating your very own atmospheric outdoor space. We hope you feel inspired to get outside and make the most of the summer. 

R & E xx

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