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8 Interior Pieces You Should Invest In

Furnishing and accessorising is one of the most important parts in making a house feel like a home. In an ideal world, we all want to fill our homes with something special. The types of things you keep with you forever, but we all know it isn’t that easy. Whether you move to somewhere with a little more space, or downsize for a little less in the future, you should be able to pick up and move without the stress of refurnishing every time. You may ask, well what things are worth splurging a little more on?  And to answer this question, we have put together a selection of products, all in which are timeless and practical additions to the home that you will keep for years, if not decades.


From bases to bulbs, and sockets to shades – lighting is one of the most important parts when decorating! It is extremely transformative and can turn a room from cold to cosy with the flick of a switch.  If you want to make a room seem more spacious, opt for lighter colours but if you are seeking some cosiness, reach for darker, warmer lighting as the soft ambience creates snug and inviting spots.  No matter your space, whether it’s a quiet country cottage, a fun-filled family home or a stylish urban hangout, lighting is of the up most importance and we suggest opting for the best you can afford! Perfect for all homes, the Nkuku Wicker Dome Pendant has a curved shape and the stunning shade proves the maxim that beauty is often found in simplicity. Its natural materials make the room appear warm and inviting – it is just that beautiful we can guarantee you will struggle not putting one in every room!  

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Outdoor Furniture 

If anything in your home should to be durable, its your outdoor furniture, so choosing materials that have proven their worth and lifespan is vital. Your furniture is tested with hot, balmy summers to ice cold winters (and all the rain in between) and so if not made correctly, they will quickly begin to ware. If, like us, you are a Scandi style lover, then we recommend rattan and bamboo pieces for your outdoor space. Or maybe you’re after something that boasts rustic industrial vibes? Well opt for an iron blocky piece that will make a statement in your garden. There will always be something perfect to match your design style and so once you have established that, get looking for the best quality furniture that you can use years from now! 

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Console Tables

A console table may just be the piece your home is missing! They are the ideal storage solution and offer display space for lamps, decor books and candles. For centuries, console tables have been used in the home and so you do not have to worry about them going out of style. We recommend a timber console table as you can easily re fresh the piece with a coat of paint in your choice of colour. The beauty of this is that you do not have to stress about choosing your forever home interior style as they are extremely versatile and can change alongside your visions. A personal favourite of ours is brought to you from Chic Antique – it has a classic expression and is perfect for all homes. With it being all white, it acts as a blank canvas for your creativity to run wild! Complete the look with your favourite lamps and lanterns and add a basket underneath to store blankets and linens

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Statement Art 

Some people do not deem art as an essential in the home, but for us, it most definitely is. It sets the tone of the room and Is a way to express your personality. Although it sounds very strange to say, art speaks to people and including it in your home can be a beautiful thing and a way to transform your space and add a focal point. They look most effective placed in a dining room or hallway so that it immediately catches your guests’ eyes and demands their attention. As we stated earlier, one piece of art is not for all but if you are in need of some inspiration, then we love the textured wood painting titled ‘After the Storm’. This beautiful piece of ethereal wall art incorporates a mix of blue and grey hues, reminiscent of the tempestuous waters of a turbulent sea.  

Dining Table 

Each room of the house offers a different experience and the dining room provides one of the best yet. It is great for entertaining and engaging with guests, alongside bonding with the family after a long day at work. Your dining table needs to be the main feature when you walk in and so investing in a good quality, aesthetically pleasing piece is a must. After all , it is where you will be doing most of your entertaining! A rectangular wooden dining table will always be one of the best choices to opt for. They complement all interior design styles, whether that be scandi, rustic, modern or urban. We recommend the ‘Nkuku Fia Dining Table’ which is made using sustainably sourced mango wood and makes for the perfect addition to the home. When not in use, pair with a selection of lanterns and plants or have a large bowl filled with fresh fruits for you to grab as you pass. 




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When decorating, a rug should be at the top of your list as it may just be the one thing you need so you can step back and say “done”.  They are extremely advantageous and transformative, whether they are styled in a bathroom, living room or kitchen. Yes you most definitely read that right, a rug.. in the kitchen. They can help lighten a dark room, enhance your decor or even cover any imperfections if needs be. Extremely versatile and stylish, it is one thing you will most definitely not get sick off!  In the photo above is our ever popular ‘Janson Rug’ styled in the home. From Scandinavian homeware brand, Broste Copenhagen, the Janson cotton rug features a Berber inspired geometric pattern and is a cosy soft rug that will suit many interior styles. All homes need a rug – even yours! 

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Appropriate Seating 

You must agree that your chair or sofa is just as important as the mattress on your bed, so why not splurge a little extra to find the one that’s right for you? For some, cosying up with a blanket and brew is the highlight of their day and so choosing pieces for comfort has never been as important.  Luckily for you, we have a fine selection of armchairs and sofas that combine style with comfort for all those snug evenings spent by the fire. We highly recommend the ‘Nkuku Abe Linen Armchairs’ which are timeless classics with a twist. It is made using hemp, meaning durability is guaranteed,  ensuring you can experience true comfort in style for the longest time! 

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Your dining experience should not be overlooked in day-to-day life. Make it special by choosing the right tableware. You interact with plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery almost everyday and so its important you’re happy with the ones you choose. Do you like the way they look, the way they feel and is the cutlery balanced? If you answered no, then look for more practical materials. In terms of durability, longevity and overall ease of use, stoneware is the best of the best. It’s beautiful glaze not only gives it a smooth look but an impermeable finish, making it family friendly and perfect for all occasions. Sometimes, it’s the ‘little somethings’ that just make a home feel complete and the ‘Nordic Sand Dinner Set’ is one of them. Its striking sandy hue is inspired by the Scandinavian beaches and gives your table the WOW factor it needs. 

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So there you have, all the things we believe are worth splurging a little extra on. We hope you found this blog useful and be sure to let us know in the comments if so! We look forward to seeing how you style all these beautiful, timeless additions in your home! 

Best Wishes, Poppy x 



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