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Baker Street: A Mason Cash Revolution

For over two centuries, Mason Cash have been providing us with top quality bakeware and to this day, their original designs are still popular across the globe. Recent decades have seen new production techniques, new products being added to the core ranges and colourful twists on the original designs. Pretty pastels, brave bold colours and fun slogans have all contributed to Mason Cash’s movement into the 21st Century, and they have successfully delivered time and time again. It is no secret that some of Mason Cash’s more modern ranges have been inspired by past eras, Bake My Day paying homage to the 1950’s house wife, while Flour Power is openly inspired by the 1960’s era of Peace and Love, and 2012’s Jubilee range featured puns inspired by historical monarchs. Despite moving with the times and creating more functional products for the modern day kitchen, Mason Cash can safely say, they have not forgotten their roots, nor the kitchens that have inspired and guided them through two centuries.

This season, Mason Cash have gone further back in time, stepped out of the kitchen (just for a moment) and found their inspiration in the Industrial Revolution. A time and place with far more grit and grime and altogether darker and more intriguing than your average 1950’s kitchen! A far cry from their usual bright colours and pretty statements, this Baker Street range centres around a mechanical inspired cream and steel grey theme, putting an ultra stylish twist on the classic designs. Far from being dismal or boring, this steel grey industrial design makes as bold a statement as the Revolution it was inspired by. And although designed around a 200 year old landmark piece of history, Baker Street is completely cutting edge right now, and bang on trend. Perhaps quite apt considering that the Revolution was the foundation for, and transition to, the way our manufacturing processes still work today!

industrial revolution

The beauty of this latest Mason Cash collection is that it can genuinely adapt itself to any situation and any home. The materials and shapes are undeniably Mason Cash design classics which are associated with a rustic, traditional kitchen and home (pick up any copy of Period Home or Country Living and you’re sure to find at least one Mason Cash cane bowl nestling somewhere amongst the pages), yet the steel grey colour scheme and bold fonts combination lends itself to the contemporary as much as to the classic. Think city apartment, open brickwork, stainless steel cabinets and then throw in the Baker Street range! Sit perfectly? Thought so! Now imagine a cottage kitchen, open fire, range cooker… catch my drift! And I challenge you to claim this range as either masculine or feminine. It’s so bold and brave and mechanical…..but it’s oh so pretty! You see? You can’t!

The Baker Street range is also as useful as it is stylish. From storage tins, to mixing bowls, pudding basins, oven ware and a great range of food preparation accessories, not to mention glass worktop savers, egg storage, flour shakers and even gift sets, Mason Cash’s Baker Street has everything you need to totally kit out your kitchen in style. The perfect range for a keen baker with a sense of class and finesse. We absolutely love what we consider to be Mason Cash’s boldest move yet, and are so excited to be a part of this 21st Century style revolution.

Have a look at the Baker Street range now available on our website.

baker street 2

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