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Beat the January Blues This 2017

January.. It’s that special, special time of year again. If you’re like myself, you’ve probably spent the last few weeks having the time of your life. You may have partied way too hard, possibly drank a little too much mulled wine and definitely thrown your diet out the window a while back.

Now that the fun of Christmas is well and truly over and New Year’s Eve has been and gone, it is unfortunately time to knuckle down and get serious again. *sigh*

With New Years comes the New Year’s Resolutions. The promises that we make to ourselves and definitely, nearly always, sometimes, occasionally keep up throughout the first week or two of January. They say that if you’re struggling what to set as your New Year’s Resolution, you should just write out a list of everything you did the night before and add the word “stop” at the beginning. Not that it even matters anymore, as it’s usually around this time that we’ve decided we weren’t thinking clearly when we stated to be no longer eating carbohydrates of any form, no longer drinking coffee/alcohol/anything with any taste what so ever and all sorts of other unrealistic dreams that we’ll never ever be able to achieve. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I continue to wonder why we bother! Surely it’s less deflating to simply not make these unrealistic goals that not even the greatest of the great could achieve, rather than setting then failing, setting then failing and so on. We’re a nation of people who are tired of being told what to do, so let’s stop the madness. Truth is, you don’t actually need the turn of the year and an all-green juice (compost-sludge) diet to help you shed a bit of weight.
This year, make a real change and give up the age old tricks to “get your life back on track”. No more daily, pre-work spin classes, juice cleanses, Uber budgets and Deliveroo bans. I vote that we stop all this nonsense and work towards more realistic and rewarding resolutions. You’ll benefit more in the long run.

So, what are these mythical “realistic” goals that I’m banging on about. Well, any good Utterly Life Changing New Year, New You audio book will tell you that the key to achieving your objectives is to make them achievable. Banishing the bread is not going to turn you into a movie star just as cutting out the odd glass of wine isn’t going to make you emotionally stable. Can we all stop blaming the booze please? It’s done nothing wrong at all! The problem with setting these rigid, ‘cold-turkey’ resolutions is that once we slip up and have that dreaded, ominous, evil piece of naughty, naughty toast (*sarcastic eye roll*) we give up on our goal completely because we have technically ‘failed’.

I find that the key thing here is the wording of your goal. For example, if you are serious about getting healthy, rather than proclaiming ‘not to eat a single gram of sugar everyday for the rest of your life’, state that you’re going to eat ‘less’ sugar each week. Instead of 6 donuts with your lunch, maybe just have 4? Instead of eating the entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s, how about reading the serving suggestion and scooping up some will power whilst you’re at it? Hunger is physical, cravings are mental. I know that I, personally, need to learn the difference.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl | COOKTORIA

Not all goals are health related. A lot of us dream of saving money, travelling more, making more time to see loved ones, taking up a new hobby and so on. All these these resolutions are equally realistic and achievable. You just have to be smart about it. If getting healthy is on your check list, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes, the idea of getting healthy is enough to put you off entirely. *thinks of garden salad*.
In order to actually stick to this goal, you need to mix things up and find a way to get excited about your meals, just as you would for that juicy burger or gooey brownie. We have a range of quirky and innovative Healthy Eating tools that are certain to transform your tastebuds and have you craving veggies in no time. We also understand that splashing a load of cash might not be at the top of your list this January, so don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. On Facebook were going to be hosting a competition to win a bundle of our Healthy Eating tools, this includes the following 4 wonderful prizes:

To be in with a chance of winning this fab prize, and getting healthy this 2017 all you need to do is click the link to our Facebook, ensure you’ve liked and followed our page and then simply answer the multiple choice January Blues competition. We’ll pick one lucky winner by the end of the month. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, enter now to be in the running!

Happy New Year and the best of luck with all your resolutions!

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