Beautiful Bookshelves

The bookshelf is back.

The rise of the e-book began in 2004 with the emergence of the Sony Librie, closely followed by the Sony Reader and then the critically acclaimed Amazon Kindle, which quickly became the market leader with sales totalling 48% of the e-reader market.

Needless to say, this shook the publishing industry to it’s core. Could it be true that the day of print was over?

Thankfully not, and what’s more predictions have stated that the sale of hardcopies are set to rise to £1.7bn this year alone, which indicates that print has recovered from it’s stumble and is making a much-needed comeback.

Enter, the bookshelf.

Whilst it remains infinitely easy to store hundreds of thousands of copies on an electronic device in the form of RAM, it’s infinitely harder to turn a Kindle Fire HD into an explosive fashion statement.

Bookshelves tend not to have the same problem. Bookshelves have traditionally been both practical and stylish, whether this be in the form of an distressed, rosewood Chippendale or a chic, glass number.

I’d imagine many people would find it rather refreshing to hear that books and indeed, bookshelves are making a comeback (especially in an age where you can buy a ‘tablet holder’ to prop up your electronic device, allowing you to read your book or recipe with relative ease).

But why? Maybe it’s a sense of undying romanticism or the ability to escape into an abstract reality with an infinite number of possibilities or maybe it represents an appealing alternative to staring at a screen.

Regardless, an increase in the popularity of books has unsurprisingly correlated with an increase in the popularity of bookshelves, but maybe there’s another factor at work…

The #shelfie.

Now I know that so far I’ve offered very few positives for the use of technology, falling ever so slightly short of denouncing anything with a circuit board as the work of the devil. However, it might be the case that technology has facilitated an increase in popularity in the bookshelf.

For those that aren’t aware, the #shelfie is the act of taking a photo of your bookcase and uploading this photo to social media (Instagram and Pinterest mainly). It essentially gives users the opportunity to present their aesthetically pleasing bookshelves to the world.

The #shelfie need not solely consist of books…in most cases, any literature is accompanied by plants, pictures and personal mementos and strategically positioned in an artistic premise.

Why not take inspiration from the following #shelfies and turn your despaired and disdained bookcase into the centrepiece of the room…







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