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Black Friday Is Cancelled.

We won’t rant about it, we’ll keep things nice and simple. Black Friday doesn’t fit with our personal or professional morals.

We won’t be doing a crazy sale with major discounts. We don’t want to contribute to the mass consumerism associated with this infamous week of shopping. When you shop with us we want you to fall in love with your purchases, to cherish them for years to come, not to simply ‘buy them for the sake of buying them’.

Instead of Black Friday we will be running our annual ‘Silver Sunday’ event.

To give back during our busiest time of the year, we wanted to use our platform to do some good for the world and those who need it. This coming Sunday, 28.11.21, we will be donating 2 pallets of household essentials from our stock to a charity close to our hearts as well as a % of our profits from the upcoming weekend. More details to be announced at the weekend.

This is a small gesture, but we hope it can bring joy to those who find them selves in a dark place this Christmas. We will reveal our selected Charity on Sunday morning. We encourage you to also give a little to those who really need it this year. 

We are still open for business and we appreciate each and every order we receive. We hope you understand our reasoning for not participating in the sales this year. 

With love,

Rebecca, Emmie & The Silver Mushroom Team x

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One thought on “Black Friday Is Cancelled.

  1. Lori Williams says:

    Well done Silver Mushroom team! Common sense and decency prevail…wish there were more like you.

    Regards, Lori W

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