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An Insight Into Our New Home

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So, it’s been a week. We’ve had one week to settle into our new home. And you’ve had a week to take a look around, and we truly hope you love the new Silver Mushroom. We sure do. Now that we’ve had time to step back and relax, we figured it was time to give you a little insight as to why we moved. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane


First, lets recap the Silver Mushroom branding and product history. If you're interested in the nitty gritty of the business history, head over to Our Story. Now, where were we? In a nutshell, Silver Mushroom was founded by Rebecca, inspired by love for the home, and creating spaces to be cherished for many years to come.


When Silver Mushroom was born, the products we sold were much more centred around the kitchen; tea pots, mixing bowls, Kilner jars, and mugs. As business started to flow, and Emmie - our Creative Director, Interior Design Queen, and Rebecca's sister - joined the business, we expanded our range into homeware. With hopes of growing the business further, we focused on branded products. From Nkuku to Kilner, we stocked around 30 different brands. Whilst we loved (almost) all of our products on offer, they had little specific style in mind. Whilst our products were good quality, timeless products, they were influenced by a mix of different home decor styles. We eventually came to realise that these products didn't present the Silver Mushroom style as we wanted to, but we weren't in a position to change anything, until now...

With Silver Mushroom beginning to stand firmly on its feet, combined with the help of our sister company CK fulfilment, we were finally in a position to re-establish who we are. And thus began the rebrand of Silver Mushroom, with a curated collection of modern farmhouse and country cottage inspired homeware. Each piece has been individually chosen and now we can finally say ‘Welcome To Our New Home’. And as we’ve said once or twice, we’re so very happy to have you here.

The Story We Aim To Tell


Our ethos for the 'New Silver Mushroom’ is the idea of falling back in love with your home, and rediscovering joy in the place you spend most of your time. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we fall into the trap of using our houses as something purely functional. We begin to overlook the simple pleasures that homes can offer. We forget to slow down, and pause. This new era of Silver Mushroom hopes to encourage you to invest in your home, and allow it to fill you with love and comfort. To encourage you to reclaim moments of connection with your home, and your loved ones who live within it. Whilst quality time at home can feel like something so trivial, it’s important to value the special moments; the warmth of snuggling up with your daughter in your favourite cosy throw, the gentle push of your pre-work cappuccino sipped out of your favourite mug, and the daily memories made at your kitchen dining table. We hope our new home helps you to fall back in love with yours.

Our Style and Inspiration 


The New Silver Mushroom is overall defined by products with character, soul, texture, and above all, timelessness. Inspired by Lancashire, our style fits somewhere within traditional farmhouse with a modern charm, and country cottage style homes. Although, within this are hints of coastal and subtle industrial elements. 

One of the most important newly introduced elements is our focus on reclaimed wooden furniture. We found that the products with the most soul and character are those that are pre-loved, and re-imagined. Nothing says rustic charm like worn patina and uneven surfaces.

Within our soft furnishings, we've selected textiles that offer a modern spin on traditional, vintage inspired prints. Moving to the kitchen, our dinner and tableware consists of organic ceramics and fine stoneware, all perfect for a country cottage dining table. Last but not least, we've curated a fragrance collection to help you find your signature scent - the most important finishing touch to every home. 

Our final major addition was the introduction of collections throughout every category. Our intention here was to help you creative cohesive spaces that are in line with a style that you love. With products being dotted around the website, it can be difficult to see which would work together - our collections hope to eliminate this.

A Final Note 


Overall, we're extremely proud of our new home, and hope you feel the same. This wonderful rebrand has been a long time coming, and now we can finally say that we've found the Silver Mushroom style. We can't wait to grow and evolve along with it, and we're even more excited to take you along with us.

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