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Welcome To Our New Home - A Grand Tour

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It’s so nice to have you here, at long last. 

Come on in, take your shoes off, relax. We’ll show you around! We packed lots of things up, and brought them over to our new home. So, you may recognise a thing or two. But more importantly we will show you everything new - we’re so excited. 

The All New Home Page


First things first, this is the heart of our new home. Here you can find a snippet of each of our wonderful pages - Just in, our story, categories, and our projects. A whistle stop tour around our lovely new home. 


Silver Mushroom Welcome to Our New Home


The Spring Edit


Let’s start with the most important part - our Spring Edit. The very most exciting part!


Silver Mushroom Spring Edit



This lovingly curated collection is a cherry pick of our rediscovered favourites, and fresh new finds that we’ve been so very excited to share with you. From cosy cushions for moments of rejuvenation, to reclaimed wood stools for pauses spent perching, this collection is made for moments of rejuvenation and calm. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane


We got a little ahead of ourselves there, let’s rewind. How rude of us to not reintroduce ourselves. We got excited. You can head to our story if you’d like to know more about how it all began. 



Silver Mushroom Our Story



Back to the tour! We’ve moved around the furniture (and the accessories, lighting, and outdoor wonderfulness). Take a look around - we have new categories for ease of navigation. You won’t get lost, we’ve made sure of it.

Our Projects


Next up - let’s tell you more about our projects. I know we’ve just moved to a new home, but the house projects never stop. If you follow us this way, you can find an insight to our CEO’s country cottage renovation project. We won’t spoil it though, check it out for yourself. Whilst you’re there, have a browse at Rebecca’s top picks from our lovely new products. 

You might well have guessed from being here, but love for home renovation runs in the family. You can read all about Emmie’s Farm Cottage renovation here, and of course take a look at her top picks. 

The Silver Mushroom Blog


Last but most definitely not least, we have all our tips, tricks and recommendations to make your home as cosy as can be, Silver Mushroom style, here in our blog. If you were wondering why the house smells so good - it’s these lovely recipes. We know you were admiring our styling, we could see it on your face, but don’t worry, we have tips for that too. 


 Last, But Not Least


Well that’s about all for the house tour! We really appreciate you visiting. Here are our details in case you forgot anything, or wanted to get in touch to chat and organise another visit. 



Silver Mushroom Contact Us



Oh, before you go, can we get you a brew?

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