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Create a Welcoming Retreat: 5 Spare Bedroom Ideas for Hosting Overnight Guests

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Having visitors can sometimes be tough, especially when they’re staying over. But why is having overnight guests so stressful? Well, it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is create a welcoming retreat that your guests will just love to melt into. Easy, right? We promise it will be once you’ve checked out these 5 spare bedroom ideas for hosting overnight guests. Warning: as brilliant as these ideas are, we can’t promise to satisfy extremely difficult guests. But, we sure will try.

The key to creating the perfect environment for overnight guests is to make a home away from home. Curate a warm and inviting atmosphere that you too would want to sleep in. Lifeless hotel style isn’t what we’re striving to create. These spare bedroom ideas will help you to create a characterful sanctuary that your overnight guests will simply love. You may even want to sneak away there yourself when your dogs have jumped onto your bed one too many times.

1. Cosy Bedding Essentials: Making Sleep a Dream


When it comes to spare room ideas, cosy bedding is key. The last thing you want is grumpy morning guests. So, a rejuvenating slumber is absolutely essential. Think about the last time you stayed at a relatives or even a hotel. What made you feel comfortable? We’d imagine it could well be an irresistible bed with high-quality sheets, and perfectly fluffy pillows. Everyone claims that their bed is the comfiest. Prove them wrong. The spare room bed should be just as comfortable as your own.

Elements to Consider:


High-quality Cosy Bedding: Choose sheets that feel luxurious against the skin, and adapt to the seasons. This doesn’t have to mean expensive. 100% cotton bedding is a staple that never disappoints.


Helmshore White Muslin Bedding Set - 100% Cotton
Plush Pillows & Cushions: Layer a variety of pillows to accommodate different preferences; firm, soft, and somewhere in between. Add some characterful decorative cushions for that extra cosiness. 
Katharine Greige Striped Cushion - 45 x 45cm
Warm Throw Blankets: A throw at the foot of the bed not only looks more curated, but it also provides an extra snuggly layer that will keep guests warm on chilly nights.
Oatmeal Chunky Knitted Blanket

2. Functional Furniture: Where Convenience Meets Comfort


Regardless of how long your guests are staying for, functional furniture is essential to give them the utmost chance to settle in. Functional furniture covers both practical storage, and furniture that provides genuine comfort and that ‘at-home’ feeling. This, of all the spare bedroom ideas, is the most beneficial for you too since it’ll give you the option to have extra storage outside of your room. Think practical, without overwhelming the room.

Spare Bedroom Ideas for Functional Furniture:


Bedside Table Essentials: Regardless of how small your spare bedroom is, there’s always enough room to squeeze a small bedside table. Bedside tables with drawers or shelves are perfect to give guests a place to store their bits and bobs. A small bedside table also gives guests somewhere to place water at night, and have their charging phone at easy access.


Bibury Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table - 1 Drawer
Comfortable Seating: If space allows, a cosy armchair or pouffe gives guests a place to relax, read, pop their shoes on, or even leave their handbag.
Arlo Wooden Armchair

Arlo Wooden Armchair

Luggage Space: Of course not all rooms allow this, but adding a wooden bench at the end of the bed, or a small luggage rack means guests can keep the room organised and uncluttered.

3. Personal Touches and Characterful Decor


If you truly want the guests to feel at home, your spare room must feel lived in. By this, we don’t mean it is full of clutter and unorganised. We simply mean giving it a little personal touch to give it some character and soul. This shows your guests that you’ve put effort into making their stay special.

Ideas to Personalise:


Decorative Accents: This is where your interior designer needs to run free. Think about trinkets, decorative bowls, and plants. A fresh bunch in a vase is the perfect way to let guests know you’ve prepped the room just for them. Decorative accents go hand in hand with soft furnishings, and styling these together will give the spare bedroom a cohesive feel.


Ciara White Ceramic Vase

Ciara White Ceramic Vase


Baskets: Wicker baskets, whilst being a gorgeous personal touch, also tick the box of functional furniture. Popping a wicker basket by the bed, on a console table, or under the bedside table gives guests extra space to store their essentials, or separate their washing.


Nara Large Wicker BasketNara Large Wicker Basket


Mirror: A mirror is an integral part of a spare bedroom, even if just a smaller one on a console table. Mirrors brighten up rooms and open the space, and of course, they make your morning routine that little bit easier. As someone who has ended up getting myself ready in a tiny compact mirror many times, your guests will appreciate having a full mirror.


French Farmhouse Distressed Mirror - WhiteFrench Farmhouse Distressed Mirror - White


Soft Lighting: Bedside table lamps are essential in creating a soothing atmosphere for guests. This allows them to relax and unwind before sleeping without harsh overhead lighting.

Sasha Ceramic Lamp With Shade

Sasha Ceramic Lamp with Shade

4. Thoughtful Touches: Going Above and Beyond


Anticipating your guests' needs avoids that awkward feeling for your guests of having to ask for extra bits and bobs. This goes above and beyond the other spare room ideas, since it makes your guests feel truly at home, and cared for. 

Must-Have Extras:


Basic Toiletries: Stock the bathroom with essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste in case they forgot to pack their own. Don’t forget to make it clear that your guests are welcome to use them. 

Fresh Towels: Provide a set of fresh towels on the bed, and show guests where to find more if they need it.

Slippers: This might not feel essential for everyone, but here at Silver Mushroom, we’re firm believers in slippers. How could one ever feel relaxed with shoes on, or cold feet on the floor?

5. Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

Now that you’ve set the room for the perfect stay, it’s finally time to set the bedroom into action. Adding relaxing finishing touches takes the room from comfortable to cosy.

Ideas for a Relaxing Atmosphere:

Blackout Curtains: Ensure a good night's sleep with curtains that block out unwanted light and noise. If you can’t do this, how about an eye mask laid on the pillow for your guests?

Candles, Room Sprays & Reed Diffusers: The final touch to any room is scent. A reed diffuser is a great way to keep the bedroom feeling fresh at all times, even when the room isn’t being used. Candles with matches aside give guests the chance to light as they please, and room sprays are perfect to give a quick spritz over the bed before the guests arrive.


Fresh Coffee Soy Candle - Matte Jar

Fresh Coffee Soy Candle - Matte Jar

Create Home Away from Home


Creating a welcoming retreat for your overnight guests is all about combining comfort, style, and thoughtful touches. By incorporating these spare bedroom ideas, you'll not only make your guests feel special, but hosting will go much more smoothly. Remember, it's the little things - like a warm blanket or spare slippers next to the bed - that can make a big difference. Here's to creating memories and making every guest feel like part of your extended family.

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