Window seat with cushions, throw and candle.

How To Dress Your Window Spaces

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Dressing your window sill is often an overlooked styling detail in your home decor, yet it’s an element that can seamlessly add a touch of style and whimsy. There’s a fine line between too bare and too busy when considering window decorating ideas. 

Before you begin decorating your window sills, there are some things you should consider. Dependent on what room your window is in, how much natural light do you need to rely on? What can be seen from the outside, and how is the view on the outside? Do you need to make the most of the view, or cover it up if it’s not so great? Do you have any furry friends that may be making a home out of your wonderful window space? 

With these questions in mind, here are some tips and tricks to making the most of your window space, whether your window bay or sill is lacking a little love.

Window Seats



Decorating bay windows is undeniably one of the best ways to make the most of your window space. If you’re lucky enough to have a bay or bow window to build into, it’s a great way to create additional storage space and provide a welcoming space to sit and relax. Deep window sills form the perfect reading corner, or space to daydream out of the window.

Your window seat has the potential to be your safe, snug corner. So, create a haven that you’ll want to retreat to. Style it with big comfortable cushions, and a snuggly throw. Add a candle for a warm glow, or a diffuser for a mood-boosting scent. If your window seat doesn’t open up to hidden space, think of alternative storage choices. Versatile side tables such as the Edward Wicker Basket End Table, are a charming alternative to pop your brew, store your extra throws and add a rustic touch.

One Big, or a Group of Little


Window sill do and don't breakdown.
Whatever room you’re window dressing, avoid overcrowding on the window ledge or sill. Window sills often get cluttered quickly and easily, especially in busy living spaces. We’re guilty of piling up keys, letters and cards on our kitchen window sill. Consciously filling your ledge space with window sill ornaments and decor may (hopefully) decrease your desire to do so.

Larger objects can be a striking focal point in a bedroom or living room window, even from the outside in. Whilst you don’t want to overcrowd the window and cover all the natural light, if spaced well, large window sill ornaments can be extremely effective. Potted plants or artificial stems are maintenance free, and a lovely way to highlight the greens on the outside. Using artificial stems alleviates the worry of choosing plants that will die with too much or too little light. Of course there’s also the benefit of only changing up your stems seasonally, not weekly. Larger candles and lanterns are also a simple, elegant and timeless option.
Alternatively, if you want to block out as little natural light as possible without having a bare window ledge, try using a tray to organise a cluster of decor. Here you can create a smaller, subtle focal point with candles, trinkets or greenery.

Making the Most in Different Rooms


Herbie clay pots in wire basket on window sill with herbs in.

The kitchen window is the perfect place to make a mini indoor herb garden. For a unique style, you can get creative with your plant pots and use pots and mason jars. There’s nothing better than fresh herbs at arms reach for your cooking. Alternatively, for kitchen window sills with more space, the Herbie Clay Pots in Basket is the most adorable way to store all your herbs together. 

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