White bobble bowl with a mix of pastries inside.

How to Style Your Bakewell Bobble Bowl

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If there's one thing this blog should teach you, it's that one should never underestimate the Bakewell Bobble BowlsHere at Silver Mushroom, our goal always is to curate beautiful products for you, but more importantly, show you how to style them. Our best selling Bakewell Bobble Bowl Collection is no exception. Whilst each ceramic bowl in this collection of course looks beautiful standing alone as a decorative bowl, they can be so much more than that.

Here are our favourite ways to style them. Inspired by us, and some of our lovely customers too.

A Characterful Bobble Fruit Bowl 


Green bobble bowl with lemons inside on white wooden shelf.
A colourful ceramic fruit bowl is a gorgeous way to brighten up your kitchen or tabletop, particularly when it’s a charming bobble fruit bowl. Our Bakewell Bobble Bowls, with their playful shape and vibrant colours, are simply the perfect fruit bowls. Whether filled with juicy apples, or vibrant citrus fruits, these bobble bowls make an ordinary fruit arrangement magical. Although any colour would work a charm, the Bakewell Bobble Bowl in Green particularly complements fresh fruits.

Dinner Table Centrepiece by @holly_lodge_home


For a springtime table setting, or a Sunday brunch, the Bakewell Bobble Bowl in White is the perfect centrepiece for easy clean foods. The bobble bowls won’t handle something saucy, but some croissants and pastries are perfect. Since the White Bobble Bowl has a slightly more angled curvature than the others, it makes reaching over to pick out a pastry all the easier. One of our favourite home influencers @holly_lodge_home styled some of our favourite pieces last year, alongside the bobble bowl in white. When al fresco dining calls, set alongside our St Ives Collection for a crisp and clean white tablescape.

Stylish Bathroom Storage


Bakewell Bobble Bowl - Grey

Bakewell Bobble Bowl - Grey


There’s nothing worse than your bathroom tops being cluttered in soaps and washcloths. And although we hate clutter, tray organisers can often ruin the theme in your styling. The Bakewell Bobble Bowl in Grey is beautifully neutral, matching most bathroom decor styles, and will fit a couple of hand soaps and cloths, perfect for you and your partner. Alongside a candle, your bathroom will be so easily elevated, creating the perfect relaxing spot for your evening soak. 

Coffee Table Centrepiece by @keepitcozyhome 


Grey bobble bowl on a glass table.

Photo by @keepitcozyhome / Bakewell Bobble Bowl - Cream


Of course the go-to for the Bakewell Bobble Bowl is a coffee table centrepiece, and we love seeing inspiration from our customers. @keepitcozyhome styled our Bakewell Bobble Bowl in Cream ever so wonderfully in her living room, complemented by a gorgeous neutral palette. As a coffee table centrepiece, the Bakewell Bobble Bowls can be filled with scented potpourri, faux greens or a selection of coasters.

So, are you Feeling Inspired?

We're hoping that now you have a better idea of how to style your Bakewell Bobble Bowl. Or perhaps this has helped you to finally decide which colour to choose. Just remember, as beautiful as the Bakewell Bobble Bowl is styled as a simple decorative bowl, there are a world of possibilities. But, whether you opt for a bobble fruit bowl, a coffee table centrepiece, or a stylish storage solution in your bathroom, the Bakewell Bobble Bowl is guaranteed to look wonderful.

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