Storage ladder with removable wicker baskets, styled with trinkets and a plant.

Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Organising your space may feel like an impossible task when you don’t have an abundance of space to work with. Extra winter blankets and left out games and toys can be a killer of your feng shui if they don’t have a home. Of course the first step is trying to clear out ‘clutter’. But, as they say, one’s clutter is another’s treasure. And some of us need to keep our concert tickets from 5 years ago ‘just because’ or candles that we don’t particularly like ‘just incase’ (Sorry Marie Kondo). And so, we come bearing some storage ideas for small spaces. From multifunctional coffee tables with storage to hanging baskets, here are a few products that will help you to make little room, feel like a lot.


Multifunctional Wicker Storage Baskets


Wicker basket end table with coffee and cake on top, styled with a plant.

When thinking about storage ideas for small spaces, multifunctional furniture should be your go to. For rounding up bits and bobs that end up lying around your living room, a side table with storage is the perfect piece to slot aside your sofa.

This wicker basket end table is a great example of storage that doesn’t sacrifice style. The gorgeous rattan weaving and leather belts bring an undeniably charming touch, whilst the deep size and lined inside creates the perfect storage spot. More importantly, this wicker basket end table also means that your brew can be at arms reach at all times. Stylish storage, rustic charm, and a hot drink close by – what more could you ask for?

Whilst we’re on the topic of wicker storage baskets (admittedly wicker baskets in general may come up once or twice on this blog), for slightly larger spaces, how about introducing a wicker basket coffee table?

Whilst a wicker basket coffee table may be on the larger side for your ‘small spaces’ they’re a great replacement for your current coffee table, or even something to place in your hallway or conservatory. Just like the wicker basket end table, this lovely piece is lined, making it ideal even for soft furnishings. You can store away your extra winter snugglies without worrying about the wicker snagging your favourite throw.


Stack It Up


Wicker basket trunks stacked up.

Marley Woven Storage Trunk - Set of 3


Now, let’s move onto storage ideas for small spaces that wouldn’t necessarily fit a table. Let’s head to the bedroom. Whilst buying (one too many) new winter jumpers is exciting at the time, when it comes to summer and your wardrobe is close to bursting, you may be at a bit of a loss. Admittedly some people box away their winter clothes in the attic, but we all know that in the UK, summer doesn’t always mean warmth, and we will be wanting to pull out our winter jumpers once or twice. So, stackable storage trunks are the next best thing. Opting for neutral tones and textures, like this set of three seagrass woven trunks, brings warmth and visual interest to your room. 


Rustic Wooden Storage Ladder with Baskets


 Kitchens are another spot where clutter very easily builds up on the counters, and if your kitchen is on the smaller side, this can make cooking and meal prep a nightmare. As with the baskets, we want to try and ‘stack it up’. These rustic wooden storage ladders with wire baskets are the perfect addition to the end of a narrow kitchen. Stock up your dry ingredient storage jars, cook books and all your essential seasonings without taking up too much space.

This versatile storage ladder is also adaptable to any room, whether you style it in your hallway for doorside essentials, keys and pocket contents, or in your living room for decor. 

Here’s how @holly_lodge_home beautifully styled them in her home.


Woven Basket 'Drop Zones'


Woven basket on stairs full of towels and books.

Clemmie Wicker Stair Basket


The most simple of storage ideas for small spaces lie in what we like to call ‘drop zones’. Otherwise known as organised clutter. And what better place to drop your bits and bobs in than woven basketsAs we’ve mentioned, woven baskets bring more than just storage. And here’s two that take up almost no space at all.

This stair basket takes up room you simply wouldn’t need for anything else, and with an easy move handle, it might encourage people to take things upstairs and put them where they actually belong. Although any Mother who tried putting things on the stairs in hopes their children would take them upstairs may know that this unfortunately, doesn’t usually work. But at least it’d be stored away in a nice stair basket, instead of in a pile that’s falling down.

Another way to make the most of otherwise unused space are hanging basketsWicker wall hanging baskets make a wonderful addition to a feature wall, and they’re great for popping bits in. Hang them in your hallway for hats, scarves and dog leads, and save them ending up on your console. 


It’s Time to Optimise Your Small Spaces


So, now you have plenty of storage ideas for small spaces. One might say you could even move into a tiny house. To round it all up, spaces where you may need a tabletop too, opt for multifunctional like a wicker basket coffee table or end table. For tighter spaces you need to stack it up with ladder storage or stackable storage trunks. And for the tightest spaces, woven baskets and hanging baskets that you can pop here, there and everywhere.

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