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The Cosy Reading Corner: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Nook

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Getting through your ever-growing stack of ‘to-read’ books can be tough. It’s hard to find the time, or desire to prioritise it. Even setting reading goals doesn’t always give you that final push. So, what’s the answer? A cosy reading corner, of course. An intimate space to spend time with your favourite author. With that in mind, here’s our ultimate guide to teach you how to make a book nook that’s ripe for reading.

Finding the Perfect Spot


The first step of your reading corner design process is to find the perfect spot. Even the cosiest of soft furnishings won’t make up for a poorly placed reading nook. The main things to consider are lighting, noise and surroundings. You’re planning to read in this space, after all. Dark corners drowned in the grumble of an obnoxiously loud washing machine will not create the haven that you’re dreaming of.   

To find quieter areas, it may be helpful to think about the ‘awkward’ or ‘wasted’ spaces in the house. These are quite often away from the busy spots in the house, so take advantage. We’ve already acknowledged that you want to stay away from uncomfortable noises, but what else do you want to avoid in your cosy reading nook? Busy areas in general should be avoided, such as living rooms, particularly if there’s technology around. A wandering eye might often drift over to the TV if it’s too close. That little awkward spot in the corner of your office that your WIFI doesn’t quite reach to, might just be the perfect place for your cosy corner

When considering lighting, you might want to think about the ambiance you would like to create and the time of day you’ll get a chance to settle down into your cosy corner for reading. If you’re a daytime reader, dressing your window seat into a reading nook could be the ideal choice for you. Alternatively, evening readers may want to create a moody corner with a warm reading lamp. If this is the case, you of course need to find a corner with plug access nearby.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Book Nook


When selecting the perfect reading nook chair, first think about who will be using the space. Is it a safe haven for you alone? Is it a place you want to relax with your partner? Or is it somewhere your ‘mini-me’ might follow you too with a reading book of their own? 


Wooden armchair besides small coffee table.
For solo readers and mini-book clubs alike, we recommend investing in a cosy reading chair. Whilst at first it may seem too sleek to be snuggly, the Arlo Wooden Armchair is perfect to sink into with your favourite read. The luxurious foam cushions and subtle recline offer the ultimate relaxation and comfort. So much so that you may have an unintentional 40 winks before you finish your chapter. Hopefully not one respective of your book choice.
For something a little more unique, the Natural Rattan Hanging Egg Swing Chair makes for the perfect place to cocoon away in comfort. Curling up in the swing chair offers a relaxing feeling of escapism away from the rest of your home. It may also become your little one’s favourite spot - take it from us. There’s something about an egg chair that’s wonderfully exciting.
Swinging egg chair with cushions and little girl.
Whatever cosy reading chair you opt for, the main goal is to maximise comfort, and create a space that makes you forget how long you’ve been sitting there. The last thing you want is a chair that gives you a dead leg two chapters in. Especially if you’re deep in a gripping book.

Decorating Your Reading Corner 


Wooden shelf with hooks and ornaments on top with a hanging heart wreath.

Maggie Wooden Shelf With Hooks


For the serious book worms, your perfect cosy reading corner may in fact be a mini-library. And no library is complete without a bookshelf. You may have a built-in shelf that you can base your nook around. This is perfect if you have a plethora of books to pile up. If you’re working with a smaller space, small adaptable shelving can be the holder of your treasured books. The Maggie Wooden Shelf with Hooks is a unique option to do so, as well as offering a place to hang your throws.


2 wooden stools with mug on top of one.

Cartmel Reclaimed Wood Stool


No book nook reading session is complete without your favourite hot drink by your side. When I think about curling up with a book, I’m thinking about a hot, sweet tea to go with it in my favourite mug. So, of course you need somewhere to put it. In hopes of keeping your reading corner compact and cosy, you may not want to overwhelm the space with a large side table. A small understated stool is the perfect perch for your drink, such as the Cartmel Reclaimed Wood Stool. Alternatively, the Edward Wicker Basket End Table doubles as storage, making it great for keeping your books, bits and bobs.


The Cosy to Your Corner


Before you can melt into your corner and curl into your current read, the final touches are essential. Drape a dreamy knitted throw, and layer some reading corner cushions. The bigger the better, you want to sink into your spot.  


Wooden armchair with beige knitted throw and striped cushion.

Oatmeal Chunky Knitted Blanket, Linden Striped Cushion & Arlo Wooden Armchair


Finally, we at Silver Mushroom believe the last touch in any living space is a signature scent. Having a rich, familiar scent you associate with being relaxed in your nook will add to the ritual of reading. The Stress Relief Soy Candle will immediately begin the unwind with mood-boosting citrus and soothing lavender. The added warm glow also provides that extra layer of comfort.

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