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Behind The Bakewell Bobble Bowl Collection

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Introducing our beloved, best-sellers - The Bakewell Bobble Bowl Collection. This charming selection is made up of a variety of ceramic bowls that will inspire your spaces with a unique charm. This collection is characterised by the neutral and natural colour palette that paints the quaint countryside town of Bakewell, starting with the organic stone tones of the traditional English buildings. Other bobble bowls within this collection take cues from the natural colours that grace each and every village, from deep inky blue skies to chalky white clouds.


Bakwell Bobble Bowl in Ivory Cream

Each of our collections were named after beautiful countryside and coastal towns and villages in the UK. And The Bakewell Bobble Bowl Collection was no exception. Let’s take a trip to Bakewell, and take a (metaphorical) walk around.

Visiting Bakewell, Derbyshire


Deep in the rolling hills of the Peak District, you’ll find the quaint town of Bakewell. You may not know Bakewell, but I’m sure you know the deliciously mouth watering Cherry Bakewell Tart. Unsurprisingly, the Cherry Bakewell tart was baked here. Albeit by accident, but we’re sure glad it was. 

Things to do in Bakewell


At Silver Mushroom, if it’s not already obvious, we love countryside walks, beautiful historic buildings, and sweet treats served up well. Bakewell ticks all of those boxes - we'd only name a collection after somewhere we'd love to visit. Of course the top of our list is sitting yourself down and eating a Cherry Bakewell Tart - that’s a given. But once you’ve indulged, what more is there to do in Bakewell? 

In the heart of the Peak District, of course the main attraction is walking. Follow the trails to the Monsal Head or The Monsal Trail for stunning views around Bakewell. Nothing makes a sweet treat taste better, or feel more deserved than a big old walk. 

If you’re lucky enough to visit the town on a Monday, the Bakewell Market happens each week from 9-4pm and offers over 100 regular stalls. The bustling market has stalls including fruit and veg, fresh bakes, flowers, textiles and everything more.

Chatsworth House is a short 3 mile drive from Bakewell, and is a strikingly beautiful building, particularly on a sunny day. If you need inspiration to tend to your garden - here’s your place. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful spot for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs alike. 


Chatsworth House, Bakewell

And so, the Bakewell Bobble Bowl Collection was Named


Now that we’ve visited Bakewell, it’s time we turn your attention back to The Bakewell Bobble Bowl Collection. Perhaps what we all came here for. It’s definitely what we’re here for. Regardless of the colour or finish, each and every bobble bowl in this collection features an individually eye-catching bobble edged finish. As versatile as they are beautiful, these bobble bowls can be styled in a plethora of ways, from a simple centrepiece on your console, to being lined and filled with delicious Bakewell tarts. Still not sure how to style or which Bakewell Bobble Bowl to choose? Allow us to inspire you all the more… follow us this way.

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