mason cash 2Mason Cash & Co, established in the 1800’s in the heart of England are the makers of fine earthenware mixing bowls and baking products.

The origins of the brand can be traced back to a pottery already established in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, the location being particularly successful due to the abundance of clay and coal – the raw materials required to make pottery.

The Church Gresley pottery was run by a string of Master Potters, the most memorable of whom was “Bossy” Mason, who took over towards the end of the 19th century. This is where the “Mason” part of the name originates from. The “Cash” is Tom Cash who acquired the company in 1901 and renamed the pottery Mason Cash & Co. The name remained when Cash’s son took over from 1941, and has now become a world renowned brand.Picture 001

During the 1930’s and 1940’s Mason Cash extended their product line to include petware. In 2001, they purchased T.G Green and worked to revive that pottery’s Cornish Blue kitchenware line. In 2004, Mason Cash & Co was sold to The Tabletop Company, then forming The Tabletop Group. In 2007, The Rayware Group acquired the Mason Cash brand to continue its growth and development across its kitchenware and petware range.

Mason Cash is nowadays a name synonymous with domestic kitchenware, in particular the cane mixing bowl, which is considered a design classic. This bowl, like many of the Mason Cash products, sports the signature Mason Cash design of a white glazed interior and a cane exterior. The colouring comes from the natural colour of the Derbyshire area’s local clay and the range is known as “yellow ware” or “Meashamware”, despite the fact that it was not actually produced in the Leicestershire town of Measham. This traditional English design of the Mason Cash mixing bowl has hardly changed in over one hundred years, although the glaze used is now leadless to conform with Propostion 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. There are now nine sizes of mixing bowl available, ranging from 120mm to 350mm in diameter.

mason cash 3The traditional partner to the famous cane mixing bowl has always been the classic white pudding basin. Recognised worldwide, this piece of pottery is still used in the British Royal Household for plum and Christmas puddings! Today, the white pudding basin is available in seven sizes, ranging from 115mm to 220mm.mason cash 4

Mason Cash now offer a wide range of products from ovenware and baking ware to serving ware and storage solutions. Their designs have stood the test of time, the cane mixing bowl design having barely altered at all in over 100 years, although certain ranges have added a contemporary twist and incorporated additional colours and patterns. Every item from Mason Cash is designed and developed specifically with modern day requirements and expectations in mind. Up to date processes are used in production to ensure items will fulfil all user requirements, although there are many products that have retained their original English design.

The company is fundamentally rooted in its English heritage and over the years has developed an understanding of the expectations and needs of a modern day cook, always utilizing the best materials possible to produce the most effective and functional items which exceed consumers’ expectations.

Mason Cash’s brilliant combination of traditional values and modern day requirements, results in quality products which incorporate durability, practicality and beautiful aesthetics. It is no wonder Mason Cash were and still are the choice of the discerning cook, and we are proud to be a seller of their products.

Mason Cash Original Cane:

The Original Cane range is the signature range at Mason Cash, and has barely changed in over 200 years. The classic cane mixing bowl is recognised all over the world as a Mason Cash product, and is now available in a wide range of sizes, from the tiny 12cm to the giant 35cm, which is perfect for bread baking or large cakes. The original cane range has now expanded to include some great food preparation accessories, as well as measuring jugs and batter bowls. The Mason Cash Original Cane range offers traditional, durable, affordable products that will last you a lifetime.

The Mason Cash White Pudding Basin:

Alongside the cane mixing bowl, the white pudding basin is one of Mason Cash’s original, classic products. The traditional stoneware, white pudding basin is still used to this day in the Royal Household for making the Royal Family’s Christmas dinner. Today, the white pudding basin is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 12.5cm to 22cm, so you can make puddings of all sizes.

The Mason Cash Heritage Range:

The Heritage range was designed to celebrate two centuries of Mason Cash. This range has all the classic features and charm of the original cane mixing bowls and traditional white pudding basins, but with a little added nostalgia, as it features the original Mason Cash & Co logo. This Heritage range includes a mixing bowl and puddings basins, but also some lovely classic looking oven to tableware.

The Mason Cash Romantic Hearts Range:

The Mason Cash Romantic Hearts range features gorgeous 29cm stoneware mixing bowls, with a beautiful red, pink or cream glaze and large embossed hearts. These stunning bowls are incredibly popular as gifts around Christmas or Valentines.

The Mason Cash Zest Range:

The Zest range by Mason Cash is a lively, fruity range of mixing bowls and pudding basins featuring bright glazes and pretty embossed fruits. Available in Strawberry, Apple or Lemon, this is a great summery range that brings a splash of vibrant colour to your home.

The Mason Cash Flour Power Range:

The Flour Power range is inspired by the 1960’s and 1970’s era of peace, love, and of course baking! The embossed patterns look great, and allow you to get a good grip on the bowl, while the fun motifs offer a little light humour and the colours are soft and calming.

The Mason Cash In The Forest Range:

The Mason Cash In The Forest range features four different sizes of mixing bowls, that are designed to neatly stack inside one another. Each one is intricately embossed with forest scenes, inspired by mid 19th century folk tales. The different colour glazes are all inspired by nature, and each bowl features a different favourite forest creature.

The Bake My Day Range:

Bake My Day is one of the latest bake ware ranges from Mason Cash, and it is simply delicious. Featuring three different sized, stackable mixing bowls finished in soft pastel blue, pink and yellow glazes with fun embossed slogans including “Bake Me Happy”, “Easy as Pie” and “All Good Things Come to Those Who Bake”. Mason Cash have also designed and developed a range of matching accessories, including two gorgeous baby blue measuring jugs, a set of measuring cups, measuring spoons and a lovely baby blue embossed flour shaker.

Mason Cash Bread Baking:

Mason Cash recently designed and developed a range of terracotta bread forms and accessories, to help you make the perfect home baked loaf. Terracotta baking has been practised for centuries, and Mason Cash have perfected the art with their rustic yet innovative terracotta designs. Heart or flower shaped forms, baguette forms, and big or small terracotta loaf tins mean you can bread of all shapes and sizes. The Mason Cash Bread Baking range now also includes handy accessories.

Mason Cash Perfect Pie:

The Perfect Pie range is a recently developed range of pie dishes and accessories to help you bake the perfect pie. Designed to get perfect results every time, the pie dishes feature a vented base, embossed interior and a pastry anchor to prevent common pitfalls such as soggy pastry or pastry shrinking back into the dish.

Mason Cash Cake Decorating:

Mason Cash is a name synonymous with bake ware so it makes perfect sense that they offer all the baking tools and accessories to make and decorate the perfect cakes, cookies, buns and biscuits.

Mason Cash also offer a fantastic range of affordable cookware, and top quality utensils in wood or nylon. Their ranges continue to grow and expand, moving with the times and the trends, yet their classic pieces still are and always have been recognised across the globe as the epitome of quality bake ware.