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Bring a Touch of Autumn to Your Front Door

It is the most wonderful time of the year, autumn of course. The nights get cosier, clothes get snugglier and food gets heartier. Let us set the scene for you, it’s Sunday morning, you’ve just been for a long autumn walk through the falling amber leaves, wearing wellies of course. You arrive home to find your beautifully decorated autumnal front door, your heart sings and why wouldn’t it? It’s positively enough to send anyone into a Pumpkin-Spiced autumnal frenzy! 

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We love to decorate our front door this time of year, not in an over the top, tacky ‘halloween’ sort of way. Just with a few autumnal pieces here or there that will ooze fall vibes and show the world your love and appreciation for this stunning season. If you would like to know our simple tips to bring a touch of understated autumn to your front door then keep on reading. 

Step 1. A Lick Of Paint

It may sound obvious but the foundations to any beautiful doorway stem with the palette of the door itself. We love to change up the colour of our door, opting for brighter and more pastel tones in the summer time and all those delicious toasty, warm neutrals in the cooler months. This year we recommend opting for creamy coffee tones with subtle warm-ginger undertones. In other words, we will be painting our front door a stunning shade of pumpkin spiced latte, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

Bring a Touch of Understated Autumn to Your Front Door

Step 2. Autumnal Wreath

Now you have a beautiful, freshly painted front door, why not add a touch of nature with a DIY autumnal wreath? We love wreaths made from twigs, foliage and even pine cones. Why not give this one a go? 

autumn wreathStep 3. Add Some Ambiance 

There is nothing more charming than a set of lanterns, standing proudly by your entry way. We love these NKUKU Kaso Lanterns for their slightly rustic finish and durable structure. The Kaso lanterns are ideal for indoor and outdoor use so you can use them as and when you please. Shop the Kaso Lanterns here or shop our entire range of lanterns here. Any of our lanterns would ensure your doorway looks welcoming and cosy!

Nkuku Kaso Lantern

Step 4. Keep It Clean & Stylish

We began stocking seasonal doormats last year and we’re still completely swooned by them. They’re a simple, affordable way to bring a sense of autumn to your space and are effective at keeping your home clean and muck free. The best thing about our doormats, aside from their adorable designs, is that they’re all made from sustainably sourced coconut coir!  

Step 5. Pumpkins, Pumpkins & More Pumpkins

Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without a pumpkin or three and what better place to display them than scattered around your front door. We opt for varying colours and sizes of pumpkins, placing larger ones towards the back and little ones placed in front. Why not pop a handful either side of your door? If you’re lucky enough to have steps then we urge you to line one side with pumpkins, arrange with your lanterns for an adorable autumn entryway look. 


So there you have it, our 5 simple tips for bringing a touch of understated autumn to your front door. We hope you found this blog useful, please let us know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our Autumn Edit for all things autumnal here

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