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Bring Summer Into Your Home Instantly

Why is that it that as soon as the sun shines, the country smiles? Or so it seems? We tend to be so much happier in the summer months. The nights are longer, colours are brighter and moods are lighter.

When we feel ‘summery’, we also tend to want to be a little healthier with our diets. The warmer weather usually encourages us to eat lighter meals. And nobody wants to feel overfull and sluggish in the heat, it’s just uncomfortable and not at all enjoyable!

Once we’ve swapped the stodge for lighter, grilled meats and tasty salads, or whatever your preference, we’re more energised and willing to get outdoors and go for a surprisingly enjoyable morning jog or evening stroll. Before you know it, your quality of life is sky-rocketing, you feel great within yourself, about yourself and about the place you live!

However, with so much focus on the great outdoors, it’s easy to neglect the insides of our homes. So, how can we bring those wonderful summertime feelings of bliss indoors? “The goal is to blur the distinction between the outdoors and indoors.” says Bonnie Trust Dahan, author of Living with the Seasons (Chronicle Books, 2003). As our homes are an extension of ourselves, by sprucing them up and making them nice and summery, we will feel the effects!

Here are our top tips and tricks for bringing summer into your home:

Pack up Winter

Having a house full of fluffy cushions and blankets is great and cosy in Winter, but in the warmer months these accessories can make your space feel overcrowded and cluttered. Give your home room to breathe by replacing anything thick, fluffy or ‘heavy’ looking with lighter, thinner accessories. This doesn’t mean you have to live in a barren house, but choose your accessories wisely. We love floaty curtains and woven rugs. Very Malibu if you ask us.

Clear any clutter

This point is similar to the first, but aimed directly at your kitchen. For some reason we all seem to adopt a clutter spot over time, be it a corner table, counter top or more tragically your central island. Kitchen tops are no place for keys, unopened post and pointless tat! We recommend you find room for a designated ‘clutter drawer’ and banish the mess. After all, ‘tidy house = tidy mind’. Try and stick to the rule that the only things on display in your kitchen are crockery and minimal accessories, like houseplants and candles and you’ll feel the benefits of the breathing space!

Freshen Up Your Colours

Having a neutral home is bang on trend at the moment. Simplistic whites and greys are everywhere. We love the minimalist home look and, better yet, it works as the perfect blank canvas for adding a splash of colour. Fresh, natural colours are a brilliant way to feel instantly summery in your home, we personally love accenting with Le Creuset and the Varia, check them out here!

Bring the Outside In

House plants are not only great for your health, they make a living space feel like a swanky holiday home in an instant. Grab yourself an oversized plant pot and some leafy greens and you’re good to go!

Bring the Inside Out

There is nothing more refreshing than serving up a delicious meal in your beloved garden. Scatter your table with fresh flowers, candles and condiments, dot a couple of blankets around and you’ve got yourself an alfresco dinner party! Check out our favourite picnic and outdoor dinning accessories here.

Feature Fresh Fruits, Veggies & Flowers

Nothing screams Summer like an overflowing bowl of fresh fruits and veggies or a vase of fresh flowers. Both are a great way to add a splash of colour to your home, and both make a lovely feature. A big bunch of fresh flowers is something we should all treat ourselves to every now and then. Not only are they beautiful but they also smell lovely. Displaying anything fresh and natural is bound to give your home that summery touch it’s been missing!

We hope these tips have been useful to you, please share your summer home decor with us on any of our social media accounts, we’d love to see how you’ve got on!




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