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Bringing Autumn Into Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

As we switch up the shorts for that old faithful snuggly jumper, so too do we look to give our home an autumnal makeover. There are certain elements that simply ooze cosy, seasonal goodness when you think of re-decorating for the season. Just as we adore those fluffy slippers, warm bobble hats and mugs of delicious coffee; our homes cry for piles of wooly throw blankets, dimly lamp-lit corners and rich autumn colour tones.

If you’re in search of some simple changes you can make to your space to breathe an autumn feel into your space then you have come to the right place. If you have been following us for some time it will come as no surprise that we are armed with a bank of must-do transitions to welcome the new season in, after all, we are completely and utterly autumn obsessed! Read on for our favourite 5 ways to help your home transition, no matter your space or budget.

  1. Add Texture Here, There & Everywhere

Throughout the summer months we often strip back our spaces to create a fresh, clean feel that evokes ‘cooling’ thoughts. This must of course be turned on its head in the winter months. We like to say that autumn, winter and maximalism are the very best of friends. Add texture in any way that you can to create little bundles of warmth, some simple ideas that can be implemented in any home are to add scatter cushions to benches, sofas and armchairs. We also love to fold a few woollen throws and either drape them over chairs or stack them on windowsills. Our Ingeborg throw paired with our rich toned Elvang Coffee throw might just be a match made in heaven


2. Scent, Scent & More Scent

Good design is much, much more than aesthetics alone. It is about how a space makes you feel, the memories it evokes and so on. Scent is the perfect way to add that finishing personal-stamp to a space, it unifies your home and taps into the most powerful of the senses. We love to opt for a mixture of diffusers and candles from the utility to the bedroom, to create unity and consistent scents all season long. Our absolute all time favourite year-round fragrance is our Alang Alang Diffuser, it’s sweet, musky scent is instantly recognisable and can transform a room in a matter of minutes. For candles we love richly spiced soy candles for an impactful scent that is non-toxic, Hello Fall and Mulled Cider are just some of our favourites. 


3. Bring in a Quintessentially Autumn Colour

This step is open to interpretation and depends totally on how ‘hands on’ you would like to get. A clear and unmissable way to bring in the season in is to switch up your paint colour for something warm, rich and autumnal. This season we’re loving muted shades of brown and rich chestnut. It’s quite incredible how a change of colour can give the illusion of warmth and cosiness. If you don’t fancy embarking on a complete overhaul of your home then why not choose key walls or nooks and restrict your feature paint to that space. A super simple and rather charming way to channel the seasonal change is to paint your front door, it’s amazing the difference a lick of paint can make. 

We don’t sell paint, not just yet anyway, but we adore Coat Paints, Frenchic and of course, the creme de la creme, Farrow & Ball. Why not have a little browse and be daring with your seasonal paint choices, don’t forget, paint is incredibly forgiving and can always be painted over, so why not test your limits?


4. Welcome In The Seasonal Stems

A fantastic way to bring in the season is to forage (or order online) some beautiful seasonal stems to display in your home. This time of year, leafs and stems are plentiful in beautiful burnt shades of amber, brown and rust. Why not add a cluster of eucalyptus by your doorway for an instant sense of the season? If you’re particularly crafty why not transform them info a beautiful autumn wreath and garnish your freshly painted front door? We have a real soft spot for our Willow Catkins Branch, for a textured ‘naked’ feel. 


5. Light Up Those Cosy Corners

Overhead lighting or spotlights, whilst practical, do not give a cosy or ambient feel to a space. We have spoken before on the effectiveness of placing table lamps in unexpected places, like a kitchen counter top, in fact we wrote a whole blog on this, check it out here. Adding a little lamp to a console table, the corner of your kitchen or even your utility window can create the cosiest, snuggliest feel in your space. We adore the Kara lamp for a vintage feel and the Carved Wooden lamp for a boost of texture.


So there you have it. Our simple yet effective little to-do list for autumn. We hope these tips and tricks allow you to refresh for the new season, no matter what your budget. Be sure to let us know if you give them a go, and as always, tag us in any of your home photographs on Instagram. We adore seeing our products styled in your beautiful homes. 

With love,
Emmie & Becky x

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