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Kilner Cookbook Review Competition

Kilner Cookbook

✨CALLING ALL BLOGGERS✨ Do you have a blog or know somebody who does? Well we have a fantastic opportunity for you. We are looking for a blogger, passionate about baking, cooking, all things kitchenalia, to work on a special project with us. We are looking for somebody to review the brand new Kilner Cookbook for […]

Don’t Be Sloe Off The Mark…

If you’re the outdoorsy type then you will know that our British Blackthorn trees are soon to be aching with fruit, and not just any fruit- Sloes. As an avid drinker of Sloe Gin, and any other Gin related drink, this excites me. Sloe Gin is simply gin infused with sloe’s, exactly what it says […]

Top 10 Tips: New Year, New You

Have you ever wanted to improve something about yourself? If the answer to that is no, I question your honesty and think maybe you need to resolve to tell less fibs in the future! The truth is, no matter how happy we are and how great our lives are, there will always be something that […]

Kilner TV Advert 2015

The new Kilner TV advert aired on September 7th and showcases an abundance of gorgeous, homely Kilner products and a great assortment of practical uses for them.

How to butter up your guests this summer

Entertaining friends this summer? Cook up some flavourful dishes that let you honestly say ‘I made this!’ Kilner’s latest product, the butter churner, is an absolute must-have this summer and gives you the power to transform your recipes with intense flavour. Ditch processed spreads and jarred sauces in favour of something much more indulgent that […]

Is Your Kitchen Summer Ready? 5 Tips to Get You Started

Does your kitchen need an overhaul this summer?

Picture the scene, it’s the height of summer and you’re having a little al fresco get together with your friends and family. You go into the kitchen to collect cutlery for your guests but nothing is in its place. You find yourself emptying the entire contents of your cupboards to find that what you’re looking […]

Top Kitchen Tip: How to Peel Garlic in a Jar

Garlic not only tastes fantastic, but it also has a lot of very useful medicinal properties as well. It has been used since Ancient Egyptian times for culinary and therapeutic properties, and is still one of the most widely used foods in the Western world. Perfect for adding intense flavour to pasta dishes, spicing up […]

The Kilner Drinks Dispenser: This Summer’s Must Have Accessory

Kilner Square Drinks Dispenser with 4 Handled Jars

British Summer Time has always been somewhat unpredictable and in recent years, we’ve seen more temperamental behaviour from the weather than ever. Heat waves in March, hurricanes in April, snow in May…nothing surprises us about British weather anymore, but do we let it get us down? Do we heck! We may have a moan about […]

Kilner: Our top 5 products from our favourite brand

The last two years have been busy ones for the Kilner brand, both with their much loved and cherished traditional glass clip top jars (which have seen a major comeback in the kitchen recently, and are featured in every home magazine and cooking programme in existence) and also with their new products launches that just […]

Top 10 Deals of The Week

We’ve got some fantastic special offers on at Silver Mushroom Ltd, so we decided to share with you our top ten deals of the week. We believe quality shouldn’t always be expensive and these are the products, hand picked by our team at Silver Mushroom Ltd that we think are the best value for money. […]