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Why we are Enamoured with Enamel!

Enamel Plates

There is a trend that is sweeping the foodie nation, working its way into restaurants, bars coffee shops, and even festivals. It reminds us of our childhood, of camping trips and family picnics. Our grandparents started it, and now we’ve made it cool again. Yes, we’re talking about enamelware. Have you seen it? The blue […]

Industrial Kitchen Trends: Our Love Affair with Shades of Copper and Grey

As retailers of awesome kitchen ware, here at Silver Mushroom there is always a bit of a buzz in the office when it comes to finding out the latest kitchen trends and seeing the new products launched in conjunction with these. I have to confess I do have a nasty (and by nasty, I mean […]

Is Your Kitchen Summer Ready? 5 Tips to Get You Started

Does your kitchen need an overhaul this summer?

Picture the scene, it’s the height of summer and you’re having a little al fresco get together with your friends and family. You go into the kitchen to collect cutlery for your guests but nothing is in its place. You find yourself emptying the entire contents of your cupboards to find that what you’re looking […]

Kilner: Our top 5 products from our favourite brand

The last two years have been busy ones for the Kilner brand, both with their much loved and cherished traditional glass clip top jars (which have seen a major comeback in the kitchen recently, and are featured in every home magazine and cooking programme in existence) and also with their new products launches that just […]

Introducing the New Sabatier Noir Range from Creative Tops!

Quality Sabatier Noir utensils

When speaking in kitchen terms, the name Sabatier is synonymous with the highest quality kitchen knives, traditional French craftsmanship and passionate attention to detail. Sabatier has an unsurpassed brand heritage, rooted in the Thiers region of France, and has long been known as the creme de la creme of kitchen knives. Sabatier is a maker’s […]

Fine Dining with Viners

Here at Silver Mushroom Ltd, we are thrilled to be able to introduce another brand to our collection, the classic and reputable, Viners. Viners have been designing and manufacturing quality cutlery since 1901, and are known for their top quality products, manufactured using home grown Sheffield steel, and their classic meets contemporary designs, which have […]

Baker Street: A Mason Cash Revolution

For over two centuries, Mason Cash have been providing us with top quality bakeware and to this day, their original designs are still popular across the globe. Recent decades have seen new production techniques, new products being added to the core ranges and colourful twists on the original designs. Pretty pastels, brave bold colours and […]

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Nespresso Citiz and Milk

Any lover of coffee will know, there are a million different ways to make the “perfect” cup of coffee, and a minefield of machines, gadgets and techniques, all designed to help you enhance your coffee and make it that little bit more of treat, without nipping out to your local coffee shop and having it […]

Product of the Month: Typhoon Novo Teal Bread Bin

Typhoon Novo Teal Bread Bin

They say blue is the number one favourite colour and although I don’t know who “they” are, and I don’t know where the study relates to, I do believe it is true that if you choose blue, you can’t go far wrong. This goes for anything and everything, from your evening gowns to your jeans, […]