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Coloured Kilner Handle Jars Now Available In Sets

Although the Kilner jar started life as a preserving jar, it has now become one of the most versatile kitchen accessories you could possibly wish to own. It has not forgotten where it came from, and is still widely used for preserving, pickling and storing but it has expanded its uses and is now a vase, a mug, a candle holder, or a decoration. It is used for storage in the bathroom, the garden, the shed. Fill it with smelly stuff and use it as an air freshener, fill it with bath salts and give it as a gift…you get my drift! One of the most popular 21st century use for the Kilner preserving jar is to serve up cocktails. More and more cocktail bars have been adopting this use as a unique way to serve up drinks, and people have started to copy at home when serving up their own cocktails (or in my sister’s case, serving up tea!!).

Drinking JarsSo, Kilner have recognised this fabulous use of their traditional preserve jar, embraced it, and made it even better by bringing out the new Kilner Handled Jar, specifically designed for drinking. Designed exactly like the Kilner preserve jar, but with a handle to make it easier to hold, these quirky drinking vessels are sure to be a talking point at your next party.

As well as the standard clear jars, Kilner have put another modern spin on their drinking jars by introducing coloured ones, in blue, green or pink. We figured people would most likely want to buy these in sets, so we’re offering them in sets of two and four with a bit of a discount for buying more, because you know, we’re just nice like that!

Handled JarsThese quirky jars can also be used with a range of Kilner lids. The standard preserve lids will fit them, but Kilner also designed some great flower lids, which have a pretty flower shape in the top, and a straw hole in the middle, which finishes off the look of the drinking jars perfectly.

We can’t wait to start showing off these unique little jars at some garden parties this Spring.

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