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Creating a Fresh and Peaceful Home for the New Year: Tips and Tricks from Silver Mushroom

As we leave behind the chaos of the past year and welcome a new one, it’s the perfect time to create a fresh, peaceful home that reflects the new beginnings we are all looking for. Here are a few tips on creating a peaceful home for the new year.

First, start with a clean slate. Clear out the clutter, donate or sell items you no longer need or love, and give your home a deep cleaning. This will not only make your home look and feel cleaner, but it will also give you a sense of control and organisation. We love using a variety of natural textured baskets for tidying away clutter whilst maintaining your homes balance. Shop our baskets here

Next, focus on creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home. This can be done by incorporating elements such as soft lighting, soothing colours, and natural textures. Choose colours and textures that make you feel calm and relaxed, such as earth tones and soft neutrals, and use lighting to create a warm and inviting ambiance. We love to layer our lighting by opting for a mixture of table lamps, floor lamps and of course- floor lanterns for a soft and ambient glow. Shop all lighting here.

One of the most important elements of a peaceful home is nature. Bring the outdoors in by incorporating plants, flowers and other natural elements into your home. Not only do they look beautiful but they also purify the air and have a calming effect, perfect for beating those January blues. Why not take a look at our selection of planters and pots here.

Incorporating new pieces that reflect your personal style, such as a new throw, richly scented candle or picture frame can also refresh your home and make it feel new again. Our homewares are chosen for their quality and timeless look, to ensure they can be cherished for years to come. Why not take a look at our new collection for a handful of items to reflect your personality and evoke a sense of peace. View the new collection here

Don’t forget about the bedrooms, after all they are where you spend a third of your life and the place you go to relax and recharge. Invest in quality bedding, curtains, and soft furnishings that will make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary.

Lastly, take time for yourself to create a calming routine that you can stick to. It might be reading a book before bed, meditation, or yoga practice. These simple practices can help you to feel centered and grounded, and will make your home a peaceful place to retreat to after a long day.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to create a fresh, peaceful home that reflects the new beginnings we are all looking for. Clear out the clutter, focus on creating a peaceful atmosphere and bring in nature, choose quality homeware items that reflect your personal style, and take time for yourself. With these simple steps, you can make your home a sanctuary that you’ll love spending time in. Creating a peaceful home for the new year, with help from Silver Mushroom.

Love Emmie x

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