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DIY Your Wedding ‘Extras’ and Save Hundreds £££

So your big day is on the horizon and it’s creeping up on you faster than the speed of light. You’ve got the major details checked off, the beautiful dress? Done. The dream location? Done. The perfect man? Good one (only kidding of course). The big details are set in stone yet you’re missing those fancy table centre pieces, the cute little wedding favours, that tempting treats bar for your guests to indulge on throughout the evening, but the budget is running dry; sound familiar? Worry not, we have got some simple tips and tricks that will add those well needed finishing touches to your special day, and keep your costs astonishingly low!

The secret? A little DIY goes a long way…

This is where our friends at Kilner come in handy, their products are known for their versatility and quality making them ideal for your big day. These next 4 steps will have your guests talking about your special day for months to come!

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Table Centrepieces

Whether you’re having a big white wedding or a more intimate do, table centrepieces are a necessity. They may sound like just another insignificant detail but if done properly they just ooze romance and ambiance- a must for your special day. To buy or hire table centrepieces from an events company can set you back hundreds if not thousands of pounds. We have some beautiful solutions for you.

Option 1.

All you need to make this show stopping centrepiece is the following:

To make 5 of these beautiful centre pieces you’ll be set back no more than £40! To ‘construct’ simply pop the wooden base in the centre of the table, place the Ceramic Jar in the centre and fill with a handful of silk flowers. Next to the ceramic jar place one or two mini Kilner jars with a tea-light in each, scatter a good handful of petals and voila, you have a beautiful homemade centrepiece!

Option 2- Top-Table Centrepiece.

All you need to make this gorgeous Top Table Centrepiece is the following:

To make this gorgeous Top Table Centrepiece runner you will be set back no more £50! The best thing is this garland couldn’t be simpler to construct  simply run the garland down the centre of the table, length ways, pop a tea light in each mini Kilner Jar and scatter the jars along the table, spacing unevenly. Place the pilar candles into the larger 1L jars and pop them on the wooden coasters, scattering down the length of the garland. If you want to personalise the table why not peg on little name tags using clothes pegs- this simple idea can look super effective!

Sweetie Table

After a long night of singing and dancing, your guests might need a little sugary pick me up and what better way than with your very own confectionary table!

To achieve the same table as the one pictured here you will need the following jars (feel free to mix & match):

For the sweets & decorations:

For this entire table, sweets, jars, decorations and all, this will set you back a grand total of £30!

Wedding Favours

Your guests often put a lot of effort into your wedding, whether it’s putting their outfit together, travelling across the country or finding their accommodation. Sometimes a little ‘thank you’ can go and long way, and what better way than to present them with a little gift. 

The Kilner Spice Jars are ideal for wedding favours, fill with little mins, candies, trinkets, shots of liquor, whatever you see fit!

DIY Cocktail Bar

A Cocktail Bar is self explanatory, and an absolute must on your special day. Choose from the 5L or 8L Kilner Drinks Dispensers and fill with your favourite seasonal cocktails, shop the dispensers and their stands here. Starting from just £14.95 these Dispensers are a must have Wedding Accessory, their versatility knows no limits- fill with any thing from infused waters and fruit juices to mulled ciders, iced coffees and cocktails!

We hope you’ve taken some inspiration from these ideas, there’s nothing we love more than you guys getting creative with out products so please be sure to send us pictures to any of our social channels. We wish you all the luck in the world for your special day!

Don’t forget- As a little good-luck present from us, we’ve arranged for you to have a further 10% off all Kilner items, simply enter the code ‘MyKilnerWedding’ at the check out to redeem!

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