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Don’t Miss Out- CYBER MONDAY

Black Friday may be over but the fun isn’t stopping at Silver Mushroom. We know that Black Friday is a stressful day (to say the least) and if you’re anything like us you may have stayed in bed, pulled the duvet over your head and hidden from the psychotic madness that was home to the sales crazed shoppers.. If not, we applaud you, either way we want to carry on the seasonal gifting and offer you FREE SHIPPING on top of our Christmas Sale of up to 50% off throughout store.

In our wonderful sale we’ve got a couple of absolute steels, like the lovely Artesà Copper Tri-ply 10cm Mini Saucepan for just £14.21.

If you’re a cocktail lover, like myself, we’ve got the beautiful Bar Craft Six Piece Cocktail Tool Set for only £20.95! The perfect gift for a loved one, or a great treat for your self.

Surprise, Surprise the Kilner 5 Litre Barrel Drinks Dispenser is amongst the bargains this cyber Monday, perfect for Christmas parties… Mulled wine *hint hint*, reduced to only £15.26.

With love, Silver Mushroom.

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