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Dress Up Your Kitchen with Ulster Weavers Home Fashions

Ulster Weavers Home Fashions was founded Holywood, Northern Ireland. Creators of fine home textiles, the company can trace its history back the the 19th Century.

Originally weavers, the Ulster Weaving Co was founded in 1880. Ireland was famous for its homespun cloths and Ulster in particular had become famous the world over for its fine weaving. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the company continued to spin, weave, bleach and finish the high quality linen it had now become known and loved for.

It was in the 1960’s that Ulster Weavers branched out from simple weaving and decided to put their fine cloths to good use in the kitchen textiles industry. Initially they specialised in Irish linen tea towels, soon after branching out into other kitchen co-ordinates, bags and giftware. The days of domestic service were long gone, and people were now taking control of their own kitchens and entertaining their own guests at home, and they wanted to be able to do it in style, with home fashions of their choice, even in the kitchen, a room that before World Wars I and II would have been a room only viewed by domestic servants, and possibly the odd member of the household family occasionally, but certainly not by any guests. By 1960, the kitchen was becoming the heart of the home, seen by every family member and visitor frequently, and so why not dress it to impress?


The market for these sorts of home fashions was certainly growing and by 1990, the Ulster Weaving Company was divided into Ulster Weaver Home Fashions and Ulster Weavers Apparel. Ulster Weavers Home Fashions covered the kitchen textiles; tea towels, oven gloves, aprons, gauntlets, bags and so on, whilst Ulster Weavers Apparel dealt with the more specialist and luxurious; the finest linen shirtings, most luxurious suitings, exquisite drapery fabrics and robust, durable furnishing textiles.

Since 1990, Ulster Weavers Home Fashions has gone from strength to strength, working with designers both in house and out to provide a fabulous variety of ranges to suit all tastes. Ulster Weavers pride themselves on their fine quality linen and textile products that are still designed in Northern Ireland to this date. With 125 years of knowledge in the production of textiles behind them, which is still relied upon to maintain the high standards within the company, Ulster Weavers have a firm grip on their market and a rich understanding of their trade.

Ulster Weavers has held the Royal Warrant as suppliers of kitchen textiles to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since 1995, a prestigious title which is highly regarded both in the UK and abroad.

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