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Entertaining at Home with Luxe Lounge Copper

Feast your eyes on our latest collection of cocktail accessories, a luxurious collection of copper drink ware, simply perfect for entertaining at home. We love a good dinner party, and what better way to start or finish an evening with friends or family than with some classic cocktails? Bar Craft’s Luxe Lounge range offers everything you need to make and serve up professional cocktails, in true style for those special occasions.

The latest copper collection is a fantastic range of stainless steel products, finished in a beautiful copper coating, the perfect combination of functionality and style.


The Bar Craft Luxe Lounge Cocktail Shaker holds 550ml, a great size to whip up a couple of classic cocktails such as a Martini or a Cosmo, or an individual longer drink. Shake up your personal favourites and pour in elegant, sophisticated style.


And if you want your drinks cabinet to make an even bigger statement, why not replace the conventional cocktail glass with a Bar Craft Luxe Lounge Copper mug? Cocktails, like a gourmet meal, are (almost) as much about presentation as taste, and the Bar Craft Copper Mugs simply ooze cutting edge cool. The Hammered Textured Mule Mug is a stunning work of art, while the Double Walled Moscow Mule Mug is designed to keep drink cool for longer with its double walled stainless steel.


And if wine is your favourite tipple, Bar Craft also offer the Double Walled Copper Coated Wine Cooler to keep bottles chilled on the dining table, whilst looking simply fantastic.


Create your very own cocktail lounge today with the Bar Craft Luxe Lounge range!

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