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Introducing The ‘Curiosity Cabinet’

We’re guessing that you have either clicked on this blog because you already have an appetite for curiosity cabinets or that you read the title and felt bewildered as to what on earth a curiosity cabinet is. Which ever side you land on, we’re happy to have you here and we can’t wait to walk you through this delectable design concept. 

For the last few years our Instagram feeds have been flooded with carefully curated shelves, often scarcely scattered with random home decor pieces that look pretty but hold no significance to the home in which they are styled. We’re sure you know the look we are talking about, whilst these carefully designed shelves can be incredibly pleasing to look at, they can sometimes feel cold and dare we say it, lifeless. If you’re in the market for some home decor inspiration or simply fancy adding life and personality into your existing shelving situation then this is the blog for you. 

So, what exactly is a curiosity cabinet? We’re so glad you asked. A curiosity cabinet is a space, usually a cabinet, bookshelf or glass cupboard that houses one or more collections of items that you have gathered over the years. This could be anything from vintage crockery and kitchen items to pebbles and drift wood for a nautical spin, the main rule is that the items mean something to you. The thought of keeping a collection behind glass doors or in a cabinet may have been stereotyped as cold and stuffy in the past however the concept has well and truly made a comeback and is taking the design world by storm. 

According to experts, we naturally perceive multiple objects as ‘one’ when they are grouped together. Think of the bricks that make up a house or the pebbles on the beach, we don’t see them as individuals rather one entire collection. This same psychological concept offers an explanation as to why we find groups of things pleasing, it might explain the recent obsession we all seem to have with beautifully styled pantry spaces where identical jars line the shelves.

So, how do you put together a curiosity cabinet? The first thing to consider is the cabinet in question. We love our Takua shelving unit from Nkuku and our best-selling Takua Glass cabinet  for creating your design. Once you have the bones of where to begin designing, the fun can begin. The beauty of a curiosity cabinet is that the items don’t need to be identical or arranged as though they’re in a museum. They can be as mish-mashed as a cluster of interesting glasses here, some ornate dipping bowls there, a pile of interesting books or a jar of pebbles you collected on the beach with the kids. The key is to arrange your curiosities into similar clusters to tap into that sense of harmony and organisation that we love so much. 

The only other thing to consider when curating your curiosity cabinet is whether you are going to run with a simple, minimalist look or whether you are planning on indulging in the pleasure of abundance. You likely have your own personal style already to determine this, however, if you fancy expressing your true designer, why not see where your curiosities take you and go with the flow? 

We hope curating your curiosity cabinet brings you joy, be sure to rearrange it regularly and refresh it with additions to your collection as and when. If you need some inspiration to kick start your very own curiosity cabinet then why not take a look at our storage collection, here. Why not take a look at our latest instagram post here, featuring 10 homes who simply style their curiosity cabinets to a T. 

With love,
Emmie x

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