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How To Create A Country Style Kitchen

Theres something undeniably appealing about a country home – warm and cosy nooks, inviting pantries, baskets filled with eggs and herbs on the windowsill! This decor style is casual but cosy and eludes to the feeling of a simple country life! And the great thing about it is that it isn’t reserved just for those living in the countryside; It’s a popular interior trend that works beautifully in all types of homes. The key to achieving a country style kitchen is having a balance between old and new – traditional yet contemporary! And in this blog we have collated all the best products and decorating tips to help you create a stunning country kitchen in your own home. 

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Keep Your Colour Scheme Neutral

Modern country kitchens typically use light and neutral colours to help your home feel spacious and bright. Natural hues and muted tones create warm and welcoming spaces and so oft for pale shades of creams and beiges to complement your whitewash pieces. However, If you find yourself itching for a pop of colour, make use of soft pastel shades, particularly sage greens and dusky roses. 

Find Your Perfect Homely Scents 

We truly believe one of the most effective ‘finishing touches’ for your home is the scent. Theres nothing better than walking into a room and being overcome with a sweet smelling aroma, and we have the perfect selection of candles that will do just that. A candle or diffuser would be the perfect ‘little something’ to add to your country style kitchen! Whether you place on a dining table or shelf- they are an essential! We adore the deliciously rich Farmhouse Kitchen soy Candle with scent notes of apple, cinnamon and orange, along with bourbon butter and coconut, with a maple and vanilla base. It’s just that good, you will struggle not putting one in every room. 

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Maximise Space With A Kitchen Pantry  

If there is one thing a country style kitchen needs, its a pantry! They truly create a style statement whilst holding an abundance of practical value. A pantry serves as a place to store food products and appliances, from jars of pasta and bottled sauces, to an integrated coffee machine. Declutter your cupboards and utilise the space they offer for your favourite foods, snacks and herbs!


Work In Vintage Style Wall Lights        

Vintage style lights are the perfect alternative to modern spotlights and glass chandeliers. To enhance a relaxed, country style atmosphere, we love using wall lights as the antique finish gives an old appeal while the shape remains modern. Perfect placed near the dining table or just above the kitchen worktops to create a soft ambient glow and moody vibe. The Nkuku Pulau Wall Lights would complement this style perfectly, as they feature a swan neck to add elegance and are finished in a beautiful antique brass colour. 

Hang A Brass Rail 

If your kitchen tools are pretty enough, why not display them? From pots to pans and spoons to scissors, this rail can hold it all and hardly takes up any space. You often see these pretty yet practical pieces in most country homes as the brass or copper finish perfectly marries with the neutral room and adds a slight utilitarian touch to a traditional looking space. A personal favourite of ours is the Nkuku Ikoma Hook Set which is great for hanging small seagrass baskets filled with anything from garlic to fruits and vegetables. Store all your kitchen essentials in style and have them on hand for when cooking your favourite treats! 


Introduce An Element Of Rustic Charm 

When creating your country kitchen, having somewhere to cosy up or gather with the family is an essential. Incorporating a wooden bench or table makes for the perfect relaxation spot, coffee catch up or reading nook. Smother with blankets and pillows, add a moody light and watch as it transforms your kitchen! It wont just be a place to cook, but a place to relax and entertain! If theres one piece that screams rustic charm, its the ever popular Ancient Mariner Bench With Back; It features an elegant design with quality features that we love. Do not worry about any dints or imperfections, it adds to the charm and gives it even more character!


Add A Touch Of Greenery 

A pop of greenery is an essential in the home but your kitchen would not be complete without it. Now we all love our neutrals, but sometimes stepping away and adding some greenery is the way of making your room feel complete. For a relaxed and comforting environment, greenery provides a pleasing and endearing sight that relaxes and comforts everyone living around it. It is the perfect way to freshen up and accessorise your kitchen so you can step back and say “done”. The countryside folk often incorporate potted plants and kitchen herbs to their windowsills and shelves as they bring instant

warmth to your space!

And there you have, all the things we believe you need to create the perfect country style space. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you found this blog useful and we cannot wait to see how you put your own personal touch on this beautiful design style.

Best Wishes, Poppy x 


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