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How to Style The Perfect Christmas Dinner Party

Hosting a Christmas dinner party is a joyous job, but one we want to get right. After all, it’s the most important meal of year – a time where we get together to celebrate with the ones we love the most. We all want our Christmas table to be just as special as the big day itself, so sit tight and talk all things tableware with us. Whether you choose to go for simple and understated, traditional or contemporary, we guarantee to have all that’s needed to help bring your table scape dreams to life. 

Get comfy, pop on your favourite Christmas classic and prepare for all the festive inspo coming your way! 

Step 1. Lay The Table


Just like a painting needs it’s canvas, the table needs it’s base layer – the linen! It sets the tone for the rest of the display, so it’s important to get it right. A personal favourite of ours is ‘pure linen table cloth‘ brought to you by Walton & Co. It has a sophisticated feel and a slight texture to add warmth and interest to the base of your table, allowing it to feel that extra little bit cosy. Shop our entire range of table linen here – we guarantee there’s something perfect waiting for you! 

Step 2. Decadent Dinnerware 


The Dinnerware is an important component of any dining experience, be it in a casual or formal setting. It sets the mood of the table and serves the functional purpose of displaying all of your Christmas dinner delights. Here, we have used the 12 piece Nordic Sand Dinner Set from Broste. Combining both style with quality, it’s complementary to all interior styles, be they minimalistic and Scandi or rustic and cottage-inspired, and is ideal for use all year round. Our Broste Dinner Set is made to last and will certainly excite the eyes of your dinner guests. Shop our extensive range of Tableware here

Step 3. Gleaming Glassware 

If there is one thing you wont regret this Christmas, it’s investing in quality glassware. Not only does treating yourself to good quality glassware stop you from replacing it year after year, but it also introduces an element of luxury to your table. The festive season is all about unforgettable experiences, and Christmas dinner will most definitely be one with the crystal quality Silver Mushroom Label Champagne Flutes and Wine Glasses. They boast quality and style, and make for the perfect toast, whatever the occasion. The ribbed glass looks sophisticated and unique and is tactile to the touch. To shop our entire range glassware, click here.

Step 4. Adorned by Accessories

Often it’s those special little touches that bring everything together, whether that’s sprigs of holly, fairy lights or glowing candles. They bring in warmth and cosiness and allow you to experiment with height and texture for added interest. When it comes to accessorising your dinnerware, we love to place a natural rattan charger plate beneath each setting and finish with our Silver Mushroom Label Bobble Napkins. For maximum effect, pair with our gorgeous leaf napkin rings for an added touch of luxury. 

Creating a centrepiece is the key to making your Christmas table a successful one. We recommend opting for natural elements, a vase with some seasonal sprigs or either a selection of lit candles for a soft ambience. Our Lit Festive Garland works perfectly with the Malana Candle Holders to help you achieve this festive look. 

Last but not least, scatter any leftover pinecones from the neighbouring season amidst the table and pop your favourite bottle of bubbly in the stunning Porter Lane Home wine bag

And just like that, your table is ready to seat your loved ones for the main event. We hope you found this blog useful and now have all the inspo needed to create your very own tablescape. Be sure to let us know in the comments if so! 

P.s. We have a whole collection of stunning dining tables should you need to start from scratch. Be sure to check them out here

Love Poppy x





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