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Kilner Drinks Dispenser Cocktail Recipes

The Kilner Drinks Dispenser has without a doubt been our most successful product this summer, and continues to grow in popularity even though the garden party season is coming to an end. But just because we aren’t serving up delicious homemade lemonade in the sunshine, or basking in the garden with a Kilner drinks dispenser full of pimms and fresh fruit, doesn’t mean our beloved dispenser has to go away for the winter and gather dust. What with Halloween on the horizon, Bonfire night, the ridiculously long build up to Christmas, (and we’re sure you can find a few birthdays somewhere in the next few months) there are definitely enough reasons to keep on breaking out the cocktails.

Making a cocktail for a pitcher or dispenser is always a little trickier than making a cocktail for one. Sometimes you can just multiply the recipe by 20 and crack on, but the likelihood is this probably will taste nothing like the original individual cocktail and your guests will either be trollied or wonder why you’re serving them cordial and trying to pass it off as a Cosmopolitan.

We’ve hand picked a few pitcher cocktail recipes that can be used in a Kilner drinks dispenser, to make life a little easier for you and make sure you get your quantities right and impress your guests time and time again.

First and foremost, we may be charging into Autumn but we thought we’d better keep our favourite Pimms cocktail in there just to squeeze that last little bit out of the English summertime. The trick with the Margarita recipe is to remember to salt the rims of your glasses first. A little extra effort than just chucking the drinks dispenser on the table, but well worth it.


Always an easy one to serve in bulk, Sangria is a great party cocktail. This watermelon version is delightfully tasty and refreshing. Keep a ladle or long spoon in your Kilner drinks dispenser so you can add a few melon cubes to garnish if you wish.


A party wouldn’t be a party without a gin and tonic but why not put your own spin on it and try this gorgeous Gin and Elderflower cooler recipe from Gordons. The cucumber slices just finish this off perfectly.


Strawberry and basil? Yes it sounds like an odd combination. One you eat with cream, and the other is an essential herb for a spaghetti bolognese but just trust us on this one!


Last but by no means least, any experienced party host will know they need to offer a virgin option for the designated drivers, under agers or those that simply don’t fancy the boozy option. This cilantro jalepeno limeade is a great way to offer a non alcoholic option but keep things interesting.


For all the equipment you need to make and serve your cocktails in style, including the Kilner drinks dispenser, check out our Drinkware section here.

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