Niche Nightstands

Let’s be honest, a nightstand is a nightstand.

Despite the variations in size or colour, there is little to separate one style from another, which is maybe why less thought goes into your bedside table as other bedroom furnishings.

Often, if they match the general theme of the room, they’re suitable.

Those days are over.

Introducing, the floating nightstand.

This rustic themed bedside table has proved to be very popular on Pinterest, as it’s not only incredibly trendy, but it’s a brilliant and innovative space saving idea.

Distressed timber makes a beautiful wooden base and transposes fantastically with a thick piece of rope to give a rustic, industrial theme and not to mention, it’s a great place to leave your book and reading glasses.

The type of timber is completely up to you.

Why not rip up some old attic floorboards? Simply sand them down and varnish them to your liking. Often recycled floorboards transpose beautifully with a thick piece of industrial-style rope, hanging from a hook in the ceiling, which gives a gorgeous 19th Century mill vibe. This style of nightstand would complement an industrial bedroom, with lots of wrought iron furnishings, such as, a bedframe, curtain poles and light fittings and would also look fantastic against a wall of exposed brick.

A more natural theme would encompass a thinly cut piece of tree stump suspended by delicate white rope and why not decorate with a leafy green plant? This style would complement a larger, more open and well-lit bedroom with a predominantly wooden theme and whitewashed walls.

Here are some examples to inspire your niche nightstand…






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