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Our Favourite Aperol Spritz Recipe

Transport yourself to the beautiful Amalfi Coast with a homemade Aperol Spritz. This beautiful, deep orange drink has now become one of the most popular British Summertime drinks. You only have to glance over at that alfresco cafe to spot the vibrant orange drink dotted about everywhere. 

Whether it’s the beautiful colour or the delicious taste, there’s something to be said about the Aperol Spritz popularity. We had to jump on the trend and try this for ourselves, after all, when you make a cocktail you can adjust the quantities to make it just right.  

So, why not give this super simple, delicious drink a whirl this weekend. We make the Aperol Spritz in our favourite Broste Sandvig White Wine Glasses for a truly luxurious experience. 


(Quantities for 2 drinks, adjust accordingly)

  • 100ml Aperol
  • 150ml Prosecco
  • A splash of Soda
  • Ice & Orange Slices to Garnish


  1. Pop a few ice cubes into each Sandvig Glass.
  2. Pour 50ml of Aperol into each glass.
  3. Pour 75ml of Prosecco into each glass
  4. Top up with a splash of Soda Water & garnish with a slice of orange. Enjoy!

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