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Self Love: The Power Of A Beautiful Home

Taking care of ourselves should always be a top priority, however with the hustle and bustle of daily life it often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. With Valentine’s day having been and gone, love seems to be lingering in the air, so whether you’re in a relationship, single or just fancy some good old ‘me time’, we encourage you to take a moment to yourself. 

Self love and self care are terms that get bandied around the internet, with all sorts of 5 step guides to do it properly, whatever that means. However, we understand that it is totally personal to each one of us; for some it might be going shopping and splurging a little on the latest handbag or shoes, for others it may be a walk around your favourite village or a coffee from that little coffee shop you’ve been eyeing up for a while. For us, self care is all about our surroundings. We founded Silver Mushroom out of our love for homeware and curating a home that you love. We have found such happiness in not only growing our business but learning and developing our homes, turning them into safe sanctuaries that we just can’t wait to get back to after a long day.

Over the years we have seen many of you styling your homes with our products. One common theme amongst us home lovers, styling and designing our spaces brings us so much happiness! As you’re on our site, we’re guessing you’re here because you are a fellow home lover, welcome! This is a safe place to be as fanatical as you like about throw pillows, diffusers and all the other goodies you can style in your space.

The act of styling a room for us is an undeniable form of self care. Whether you are sitting down with a sketch pad and bringing your ideas to life on paper, or you’re scrolling through Pintrest for inspiration, the process of finding an idea that sparks something inside of you through to carrying out your design and seeing your space come to life is one of the most satisfying feelings. There is no better sense of accomplishment, in our world, than sitting back in a space you have poured your heart and soul into. Focusing on a project, no matter how big or small is a form of therapeutic self love. 

Curating a space you cherish is a great way to make daily life that little bit more lovely. By expressing your personal style you can feel a great sense of pride and ownership in your space, a house can go from merely the place you live, to your home, a reflection of your personality! Whether you decorate with colours that bring you joy or you display your beloved family photos in gorgeous new picture frames, you can create a home environment that is a true reflection of you.

We are strong believers in choosing timeless decor when refreshing or renovating a space. If you invest in good quality pieces, not only will you be able to transition them with the seasons but they will last for years to come, saving you from replacing them over and over again due to weathering or damage. For example, a lovely neutral vase is a great staple decor piece, you can fill it with beaming yellow Daffodils for a breath of spring or pop in a few Fir branches and string lights in to transform it into a winter piece, all without replacing your investment piece. Timeless styling is all about creating a great foundation that you can add little pieces to, here and there, to adapt with your changing moods and the seasons.

We hope this blog has encouraged you to pour your heart and soul into your next home project, not only will this be therapeutic and great fun but it’s also rewarding and empowering. By taking the time to curate your space you can create a safe environment that helps you to practise loving yourself. So go ahead, invest in decor pieces that bring you joy, display cherished mementos, and create a space that truly feels like home, we dare you.

With love,
Emmie x

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