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Your Steak Your Way with Steakstones

Entertaining is one of my favourite things to do. I love being able to have fun with friends without leaving the house, and for me the perfect evening is one of delicious food and drink, laughter, music, jokes, games and interesting conversation over a few glasses of decent wine. The only issue I have with attempting to host a dinner party or even just a games night, is that when food is involved, I spend most of the evening faffing about in the kitchen while everybody else has a great time without me in the living room or round the dining table. I’m not a particularly bad cook, but I do have some issues with timing and if I’m trying to watch several pans, heat plates, serve things up, talk to my friends and drink my wine (priorities), things can get a little out of hand. I’ve taken these days to resorting to cold finger food that can be laid out before anyone arrives and eaten whenever people want, or even (and I’m not proud of this) forgetting completely to serve food when we’ve all focussed on a few drinks and a lot of chat which usually results in a telephone call to the local takeaway around 10pm or a frozen pizza being shoved in the oven and devoured but not particularly enjoyed. Neither of these options is advisable, and neither really makes for what you might consider a successful dinner party. It may just scrape a passable games night.


I suspect a lot of you have slightly more control in the kitchen than I do, and can probably juggle a dinner party with your eyes shut, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that a host will always have to spend some time away from his or her guests while they prepare dinner. So wouldn’t it be great if you could all stay together and still cook a fabulous meal that will be remembered long after the plates have been cleaned, with minimal effort.

Steakstones are a fresh new way to cook and serve food and eliminate the problem of having to leave your guests at the table while you prepare food. They also eliminate the problem of fussy eaters, because guess what? They cook it themselves, to their personal liking.

Steakstones are a fantastic product that we have just added to the range at Silver Mushroom Ltd and I personally, think they are not only a massive help when it comes to cooking and serving steaks and accompaniments but also a great way to put a fun spin on a dinner party and to keep all your guests happy. There is definitely something fun about being able to sizzle your own steak or fish at the table and get it just how you like it.

Serving steak at a dinner party could pose real problems in some circumstances as everybody has their own preference for how they like it cooked. You may have one guest at one end of the table who believes it is sacrilege to do anything more than sear the outsides of a steak, while the person sat next to them thinks if any pink is showing, they are eating something which is still alive. So, eliminate this problem and let them cook their own, exactly how they want it. Job done, all your guests are happy and can enjoy their food.


Steakstones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some with ceramic side dishes to serve up vegetables and dips or sauces, but the main factor in each piece is the lava stone. Made from a selection of nature’s most amazing and sustainable materials, the lava stone can be heated on the hob, in the oven or on a barbecue, and will retain heat throughout your meal to allow you to enjoy every last bite as hot and delicious as it should be, whether you are dining inside or out. The dry heat of the lava stone means there is no need for oils or fats, as it will sear in the natural moisture and flavour of the meat or fish, making it tasty and healthy at the same time.

Steakstones are not limited to cooking steak, despite the name suggesting so. Although you can cook up an amazing fillet, sirloin or rib-eye, you can also cater to people who enjoy a lighter or vegetarian based meal, because Steakstones also do a fantastic job cooking fish or vegetables. So all you have to do is put the food on the table, and let your guests do the work.

This is a revolution in entertaining. There is no better way to keep all your guests entertained and happy with their food, and the best part is, you can enjoy the whole process with everyone else, without having to remove yourself from the party and be a slave to the cooker.

Steakstones do a variety of serving plates, including a starter set, simple lava stones, and full serving sets with ceramic side plates and dishes. They also offer a range of glazed serving plates which can be chilled or heated to serve up sharing dishes, either to start or as dessert, whilst keeping the theme throughout the evening. This literally is the perfect way to share an evening with friends or family.

Have a look at the Steakstones collection here!

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