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The Kilner Drinks Dispenser: This Summer’s Must Have Accessory

British Summer Time has always been somewhat unpredictable and in recent years, we’ve seen more temperamental behaviour from the weather than ever. Heat waves in March, hurricanes in April, snow in May…nothing surprises us about British weather anymore, but do we let it get us down? Do we heck! We may have a moan about our weather some of the time (all of the time), but when the sun peeps through the clouds for more than half an hour one day of the year, or even if it’s just dry for a day (we live in the North West, it’s a rarity) we get outside and we make the most of it.

This summer, or should we say Spring for now, Kilner are offering some fantastic party pieces to really make the most of your summer fun. Whether it’s a barbecue, garden party, festival, sports day or just a beer garden that gets you in a sunny mood; Kilner have some absolute must-have accessories to really top it off in style. Not least of which is the Drinks Dispenser.


Launched last summer, the Kilner Drinks Dispenser caused a real stir, and was in such high demand that we ran out by May and couldn’t get more stock in until August (you can imagine our dismay). This year, the Dispensers started selling in their droves back in March, probably partly due to our firm beliefs that this year will be THE year that we finally have a long, hot summer and if we don’t, we’ll just keep calm and pretend. Since then, demand has continued to steadily increase, and we are indeed starting to wonder if anyone is left in Britain who doesn’t own one of these beauties.

The launch of the 5 litre Kilner Drinks Dispenser last year, was a stroke of genius for those of us who want a smaller gathering. Striking though the 8 litre version is, have you any idea how difficult it can be to drink 8 litres of cocktails between four of you? Trust me, we did our research and this is not something you should try at home! So to be given the option of a mini me version that looks every bit as fantastic as its big brother (maybe a little bit cuter) felt like all our birthdays had come at once!

5 litre dispenser

The 5 Litre Kilner Drinks Dispenser soon got itself noticed and was level pegging in popularity with it’s predecessor in no time, fulfilling more household needs where the 8 litre was taking care of the pubs, restaurants and weddings. Most people who love the Kilner Drinks Dispenser, love the accessories that go with it, and want to keep a running theme so we put together some sets with a dispenser and some drinking jars, to allow our customers to make a bold statement at their parties or barbecues.

We have seen photographs of Kilner themed weddings, and were blown away by how great they look and how much is on offer. You can serve the drinks in a dispenser, drink them from a Kilner handled jar, display flowers in a Kilner Preserve Bottle, make home made wedding favours in a coloured jar, and serve desserts and condiments in various clip top jars. There is absolutely no doubt that when it comes to kitchen ware, Kilner is the brand of Summer 2015.


The latest addition to our favourite, summery brand’s repertoire, the 8 Litre Square Dispenser, crept in quietly back in February and is steadily climbing its way to reach the dizzying heights of its rather bold counterparts. The buzz surrounding the classic shaped dispensers may have somewhat overshadowed the launch of the more quirky looking Square Dispenser, but it was not long before its good looks, quirky shape and retro style embossed logo were noticed, and the demand once again, began to grow.


Whether you’re a lover of classic style, or appreciate a more quirky retro approach; whether you love a grand garden party or a quiet gathering of friends on a summer evening, and whether you prefer gin or juice, and just a small tipple or 8 litres of the stuff, there is something for everyone from the brand of the Summer!

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