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The Table Lamps Love-Affair With Kitchen Countertops

The Table Lamps Love-Affair With Kitchen Counter tops

We were scouring the internet a few weeks ago when we came across a picture of a kitchen that literally gave us butterflies. As that lovely familiar warm feeling washed over us, we gazed at the image, trying to work out what was so special about it. Then it hit us, the cosy, calm feeling was created by the soft glow of a table lamp. Yes, a table lamp, on a kitchen countertop. Genius. 

When you think of a kitchen you most likely think of a trio of pendants or a cluster of ceiling spot-lights, maybe even some under the cupboard spots. That is until now. The table lamp trend offers a softer, more relaxed, ambient lighting solution. Kitchens can often feel industrial and even clinical with perfectly straight edges and crisp bright lights, a beautiful but functional space.

Adding low level lighting to a kitchen space can create a whole different feel to the room, ideal for that romantic dinner, drinks with friends or even a soothing dusk baking session. We recommend placing a table lamp at one side of an island or a back countertop to bring the warm light directly onto the surface you’re working on, maintaining that essential usability of your kitchen but giving it a softer, more relaxed edge. 

Since discovering this gorgeous trend we have been curating the most stunning collection of table lamps, take a look here

But what about the wiring? 

This was a question we also pondered when thinking about the practicalities of this trend. The last thing you want trailing all over your lovely clean worktop is a snaking lamp wire. We have two options for you here. Position the lamp directly in front of a plug socket and use a handy cable tie to tidy up the wiring, this will virtually hide any of the wiring. The second option we have, which is our personal favourite, is to install one of our trusty Evoline sockets. These handy wiring solutions are ideal for a clean and minimal look, they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering hidden USB charger ports and up to 4 standard plug sockets, all submerged into the depths of a hidden cupboard. 

Would this work for my home?

We love this trend for all styles and sizes of homes. If you have a larger kitchen then utilise the beauty of symmetry and position two lamps at each end of your island to create that softer, homely look. This trend is also perfect for smaller homes and apartments, we recommend opting for a thinner lamp to save space. We have even seen some homes utilise this trend in a space-saving manner by removing the lamp shade, this can look gorgeous if your home has a minimalist or Scandi style

This might be our favourite home interior trend to date, it’s simple, effective and inexpensive. It’s also ideal for rental properties. Let us know if you try this in the comments below, we’d love to see your shots, don’t forget to browse our lamp collection here

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