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Top 10 Essential Winter Kitchen Items

One of the things I love the most about winter, aside from open fires and woolly jumpers, is the food. Nothing beats coming home to a delicious home cooked meal on a cold wintery day. Hearty stews, succulent roasts, tasty casseroles, a home cooked pie or a lovely big bowl of hot soup. When it’s cold outside, there’s an abundance of recipes available to keep you warm and cosy inside.

We’ve come up with a list of our top 10 essential winter kitchen items that we just could not live without this season.

1. A Traditional Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Traditional Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

A heavy duty mixing bowl definitely makes our top 10 this winter, for all the scrumptious home baked treats we want to make that are too heavy for the summer months, not least a home made Christmas cake. Mason Cash have a massive range of stunning ceramic mixing bowls, in a variety of designs, colours and sizes. But we have to admit, this traditional cane mixing bowl is still our ultimate favourite.

2. A Traditional Mason Cash Pudding Basin


Nothing beats a sponge pudding and custard on a cold night, and if you want to make your own, then a traditional Mason Cash pudding basin is a must have winter accessory. These little beauties are available in seven different sizes, so you can make individual puds or a big family one. These traditional Mason Cash pudding basins are so iconic that they are still used in the Royal British Household today.

3. A Teapot


Friends and family will be stopping by over the festive period, and we can guarantee they’ll be wanting a warm brew when they arrive, so it’s always a good idea to keep a pot of tea on the go. Price and Kensington have a stunning range of teapots in a variety of sizes, from the tiny two cups to the family sized ten cups.

4. A Mason Cash Petit Beurre Baking Set


Nothing beats walking in to the smell of home baked biscuits, and this Mason Cash Petit Beurre set makes it super easy to make tasty, professional looking biscuits whenever you want. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the Petit Beurre baking set, you could always keep some cookie cutters to hand to make whatever shapes you choose.

5. A Large Stock Pot


Home made soup is a fantastic winter snack and a great way to use all those hearty winter vegetables. This Swiss Diamond stock pot is perfect for filling with yummy veggies and simmering away to make the perfect winter warmer.

6. A Clay Cooker/Casserole


Winter root vegetables lend themselves perfectly to belly warming, one pot dishes and if slow cooked in a Mason Cash clay cooker, or a casserole dish, they come out just perfect. These are also fabulous for those days when you want to come home and have your dinner ready to eat. Simply slow cook your casserole on a very low heat throughout the day for a scrumptious dinner . The clay absorbs moisture so your meat will not dry out, it will only be more tender and delicious the longer you leave it.

7. A Pie Dish


What better way to feed a cold and hungry family than with a home made pie? Keeping one or even several pie dishes in the cupboard is essential in winter, to do just that. Mason Cash have a great Perfect Pie range, which offers several dishes designed to help you make the perfect pie.

8. A Kilner Dispenser (filled with warm mulled wine)

Kilner Drink Dispenser

If you’re having any parties or gatherings this winter, this is a fabulous party accessory. Fill with mulled wine, or warm cider for a super tasty Christmassy tipple.

9. A Mason Cash Basting Kit

Mason Cash Basting Kit

A winter roast is the perfect way to spend a Sunday, and then of course there’s the Christmas turkey to think about. This basting kit from Mason Cash contains all the essentials to create that perfect roast dinner.

10. A Large Roasting Tray


Last, but certainly not least on our list of our top 10 winter essentials, the stainless steel large roasting tray. We’ve already said it above, but a home cooked roast is truly one of our highlights of the colder months, and a large, strong roasting tray makes it so much easier, especially on Christmas day. And this Mason Cash stainless steel version only costs £17.49 and is a generous 31.5cm x 41.5cm, so you can cook a giant roast and save your hard earned pennies for more important things……like presents!

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