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Top 5 Home Decor Trends Summer 2020

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Summer is just around the corner which means longer days and more sunshine, hurray! But your home decor doesn’t feel like summer at all. Well with a new season coming it is time for a little update. We’ve compiled a list of 5 top home decor trends for this summer season which you will want to consider adding to your home. Whilst trends are constantly changing it would be challenging to update your home every so often with new emerging trends but some become more popular with tendency to stay with us longer hence you might have seen some of them in previous seasons. We hope you will find something for you in this top 5 summer home decor trends and let your creativity take a lead.


  • Neutrals and simplicity

Neutral colours and simple decorations have been on trend for some time. No wonder why as neutral colours will blend in perfectly with simple furniture and decorations. Perhaps this summer is time to invest in some simple yet elegant pieces. You can start by upgrading your kitchen cutlery with some simple yet elegant set of mugs and dinner plates from Silver Mushroom.

  • Modern Glam

This trend reminds us of the Hollywood glam and the sophisticated looks by celebrities. The crystal chandeliers or marble tops give us the wow factor. You can achieve this look by compiling metallic and neutral colours.  You can start your glam journey by adding some amazing marble boards and a set of champagne saucers which will go perfectly with this theme.

  • Nordic feels

Effortless stylish decor with rustic and wooden accents makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Adding some cosy blankets and furry rugs will make the room pop and you will not want to leave your room for some time.

  • Vintage accents

For years vintage has been one of the love and hate relationship. It can go very well with some decorations and can make your home stand out. This season is good to choose one or two statement pieces which you can incorporate into your home decor. For example a vintage looking teapot or a set of Kilner jars where you can store your dry food.

  • Rattan accents

Rattan and wicker chairs, sofas, baskets, tables and many more… it embraces the natural texture and imperfect sculptural forms. It’s a perfect addition that will go well with boho, farmhouse and scandinavian looks. You can mix and match this trend with neutral colours and vintage accents. We are in love with the hanging rattan chair from Broste Copenhagen which will make your room stand out and give you that cosy look paired with some cushions.

What do you think about these trends? Have you incorporated any in your home decor or perhaps you are planning to ? Let us know in the comments as we would love to hear your thoughts.

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