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Typhoon Ripple – Natural style meets contemporary design

The Typhoon Ripple range is a wonderful range of stylish kitchen storage solutions, including bread bins, tea, coffee and sugar canisters, utensil pots and large storage tins that can be used for biscuits, dried food products or whatever takes your fancy.

The name Ripple derives from the ripple effect on the exterior of the storage canisters, and brings about connotations of rippling water or the ripple effect you may see in a product made from natural substances such as clay or stone. The stone or slate colours only add to the nature inspired vibe, and this combined with wooden lids brings the outside in, and makes for a really subtle but quality, natural look.


Despite its down to earth nature, the Typhoon Ripple range is actually very contemporary in its design and function. The matt satin finish and rippled exteriors look and feel like nature’s work but in actual fact, are crafted from tough steel with an enamel colour coating, which will stand the test of time and is lightweight and practical. The lids are produced from a natural Beechwood, but feature an airtight lid to keep the produce inside fresh, and the designs are functional and ergonomic.

The Typhoon Ripple range is super trendy right now with its dark blue slate meets neutral stone and wood colouring, but the likelihood is, this range will outlast the trends it is currently affiliated to. Subtle and neutral enough to blend in with any theme, yet stylish enough to complement traditional or modern decor, the Ripple range is the perfect way to add style to your kitchen, to bring the outdoors in, whilst also doing what it was originally intended to do – to organise your kitchen and keep everything fresh.

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