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A Little Something For You

If you follow us on socials or if you are on our mailing list you may have heard us using the terms ‘little somethings‘ or ‘treats‘ a lot lately, for that there is good reason. 

We aren’t going to go on and on about it because it’s a Monday and we want to keep the energy positive and the vibes good, but the state of the world lately has been a shock to the system. No matter what your circumstances, after energy bills, food bills and fuel bills increasing (to name but a few) things can seem never ending and rather glum. Treating yourself has most likely been put on the back burner, are we right? 

Now, we know that things aren’t going to go back to normal for a little while and things may seem tight right now but we wanted to make sure that you still have a little space for some self-love. Consider this your mini-pass on good old buyers-remorse. 

Every week we are going to be focusing on those little things that give you that ‘special treat’ feeling without you spending the earth. Think a relaxing bubble bath with a lovely new candle and a glass of your favourite wine or a catch up cuppa with your best-friend in some brand new Scandi-style mugs, you get the picture. 

We have even ensured that you’ll receive £5 off your order with the coupon below, now isn’t that lovely. Just pop in code ‘SELFLOVE’ at the checkout to redeem. Now, we can’t talk about ‘little treats’ without sharing our favourites with you can we? Below are 5 items we think are perfect for giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling without you breaking the bank.

  1. Salt and Sea Soy Candle In White Jar

The perfect nostalgic scent, this vegan candle is packed with notes of citrus with a touch of sea salt, musk and cloves. It’s free from all the nasties and will burn for 60+ hours! There’s nothing better than a yummy smelling new candle, we think this makes for the perfect little treat.

2. 100% Cotton Four Stripe Blanket Throw

This luxurious, perfectly soft, four stripe throw is ideal for a queen bed, beach blanket, or beach towel, throw blanket, and more. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing evening, snuggled up under this cosy blanket watching your favourite show? 

3. Still: The Slow Home

This may be our favourite option as you’re getting 2-in-1 here. This book is the perfect style guide for creating beautiful, tranquil spaces but it also looks beautiful when styled on your shelf, bedside or even coffee table. 

4. Broste Smoke White Wine Glasses

If you’re a wine lover then you’ll know the impact of a good quality glass, it literally changes the taste! The Smoke collection by Broste is mouth blown for a fine feel with a delicate smoke vein running through the stem to create a unique Scandi look. 

5. Cosiscoop Timber Frame Fire Lantern

Treat yourself to the ambiant glow of a fire pit without spending a fortune. Our range of mini Cosi fires are perfect for popping on your table or in any corner of your space for that fire-pit feel. 

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