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All the Tricks You Need to Create Some Halloween Treats!

Hubble bubble toil and trouble, what will you be cooking up this Halloween? Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply staying in with a scary movie, we’ve got the perfect homemade Halloween treats for you to indulge in.

Spicy pumpkin seeds

Spicy pumpkin seeds, perfect for Halloween!

Don’t throw away the guts of your pumpkin! Once you’ve finished carving, separate the seeds from your mulch and create a tasty savoury snack that can be enjoyed all week.

All you need is:

  • Oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chilli powder

Cut off the top of your pumpkin and scoop out the innards. Put these in a bowl to the side.

Separate and dry your seeds. Wash them thoroughly and leave them on a tea towel to dry whilst you carve up your pumpkin.

Once dry, toss them in a little oil (olive, vegetable or canola).

Sprinkle your seasoning liberally, adding cayenne and chilli to taste.

Bake for around 5-10 minutes at 200C. You may wish to shake the tray at the halfway point to ensure an even bake.

Trick or treacle fudge

Treacle halloween fudge recipe

Add all of your ingredients to a pan, but do not stir!

Gently raise the heat and watch as the butter melts.

If you have a candy thermometer to hand, you can keep an eye on how high the sugar is boiling. As you bring your mixture to the boil, you’ll want to look out for 120C for a soft-set fudge and 130C for a harder-set fudge. That 10 degrees really does make a difference!

Alternatively, set a timer for a four-minute boil for a soft-set fudge, five minutes for a harder set.

Line an eight-inch tin with greaseproof paper and carefully add your mixture to the try. Be extremely careful as the sugar will be really hot. Get your oven mitts at the ready and handle with care!<
Leave to set for at least two hours.

To check if your fudge is ready, put your hand under the tray and see if any heat remains underneath. If it is cold, even in the middle, it should be ready to cut into squares.

Depending on how big your pieces are, this recipe can make up to 60 squares!

Eyeball & pumpkin cake-pops

Cute pumpkin cake pops to make this Halloween.

Keep an eye on guests with these creepy party treats. Cake-pops have really taken off this year and are so easy to make. They’re a great way to revamp leftover cake or cheat with a shop-bought one – don’t worry we won’t tell!

All you need is:

  • 100g of Madeira cake
  • 100g of Oreo cookies
  • 100g of milk chocolate
  • 200g of white chocolate
  • Smarties or M&Ms to decorate for the eyeball variety
  • A dash of orange colouring for your pumpkin variety

Gradually melt your milk and white chocolate separately over a bain-marie.

Add your cake and cookies into a food processor and combine with the milk chocolate.

Once well mixed, roll your cake into small balls.

Skewer each ball and dip them into your melted white chocolate. To make both pumpkins and eyeballs, separate the white chocolate and add your colouring to one half.

Allow to dry for a minute before pressing a Smartie into the side to resemble a pupil.

Leave to set in the fridge for another 15 minutes before serving. Our Mason & Cash cake-pop set even comes with treat bags for you to hand out your creepy creations to trick or treaters!

They say three is a magic number, and we think these three recipes will keep you busy this Halloween!

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