Our Philosphy


Our Philosophy

The quaint villages, rolling countryside and timeless character of Lancashire have played an integral role in shaping our business. It was within this serene setting that we discovered our passion for creating inviting and calming living spaces. This deep rooted connection to Lancashire remains at the heart of Silver Mushroom, infusing our collections with a sense of rustic charm and an eduring commitment to quality.
It is this foundation that sparked the need for us to take care of the countryside that we hold dear. From our craftspeople to our packaging, thought goes into every decision we make. 

Our philosphy is a fluid concept that we are consistently working on bettering. As we grow as people and as a company, we hope to develop these concepts further, making better choices and in turn having a bigger impact.
We are not perfect, nor do we claim to be. We are learning to make the best decisions for our business, our people and our planet.

Our Materials

We have consciously sourced our collections with natural materials in mind since our conception back in 2011. Our taste, influenced by our northern roots, organically lends itself to natural textures and materials such as linen and oak. 

The beauty of using natural materials is that they involve no synthetics and tend to steer away from harmful manufacturing processes. They also hold a timeless property, meaning they don't date like their modern, synthetic counterparts. We select materials based on their durability and quality, this means our pieces age gracefully in your home.   

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Our Makers

Finding honest, talented manufacturers who have a genuine passion for their craft has always been at the forefront of our sourcing process. We are thankful to have built long-lasting relationships with a handful of artisans in the UK and overseas who carry generational skills that are hard to come by in today's world. These makers are the heart and soul of our products. We couldn't do what we do without them. 

We only work with makers who pay their crafts-people fair rates of pay and provide healthy and prosperous working conditions to enable them to flourish.  

Our Packaging

For years now, we have opted to puchase only sustainable packaging materials, leaving bubblewrap and plastic mailer bags in the past. We bring in only cardboard boxes, paper honeycomb wrap and paper void fill to our warehouse. We use these for all of our Silver Mushroom orders and for our clients' orders at our fulfilment centre, CK Fulfilment. 

Our diligent packing staff are trained to use specialist techniques to ensure that our fragile items are transported with care, despite the lack of plastic void-fill or bubblewrap; which is no easy feat. We are incredibly proud of our success rate when it comes to delivering fragile goods. On the odd occasion that an item does get damaged in transit, we always do our best to reuse or repurpose the goods, rather than sentencing them to landfil. 

Every now and then customers will return an item in their own packaging. As and when this happens, we always ensure we reuse said packaging, recycling everything that comes into our warehouse wherever possible. If your order does arrive with a litle bubblewrap, we can assure you that it has been reused. 

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Looking Ahead

Our philosophy will be ever changing, as technologies advance and new materials are created, however our core values will remain true. 

We will always do our best to put the environment above profit margins.

We will always work with companies who share our commitment to being better.

We will always use the natural materials we know and love.

We will always create, design and manufacture with longevity in mind.

We pledge to continue to expand our knowledge on all things environmental, fair trade and sustainable. We will continue to better our business in every department. The same goes for our sister company, CK Fulfilment.  

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