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Perfect Pie by Mason Cash

It may be because I’m Northern, but to me there is nothing better than coming home on a chilly Autumn evening to home made pie. The weather seems to have suddenly taken a dramatic turn for the worse this weekend, and I’m really starting to struggle not to turn the heating on. Cool evenings in the garden are now being replaced with hot drinks under a blanket and I’m finding myself dismissing the salads and lighter foods in favour of some heart and belly warming, wintery stodge.

Shop bought pie is one thing, but I always prefer to make my own, so I can get it exactly how I want it. The perfect level of lovely butteriness in the pastry, and the correct pastry to filling ratio. Plus I love a slightly crusted edge, which is where a shop bought pie often falls down. Having said that, I wouldn’t consider myself a pro at pastry baking, and there have been numerous flops over the years. This is where Mason Cash come to the rescue.

Mason Cash are a brand recognised for traditional designs and values, and their name is synonymous with home baking. Best known for their traditional cane mixing bowls and white pudding basins, Mason Cash have expanded over the years to design and develop more and more ranges of bake ware and to include more and more specialist products. Their products are not only known for their attractive looks, quality materials and affordability, but also for their practicality. Mason Cash will look at the consumer needs in a particular cooking or baking niche, and design the products around current pitfalls or problems, to perform to the task in hand and offer the cook or baker an easy solution.

Mason Cash Perfect Pie Baking Dishes

Mason Cash researched some common problems associated with pie baking and delved into possible solutions that could help someone with recurring soggy bottom syndrome, burnt bases or shrinking pastry. The Perfect Pie range has been designed with all these problems in mind, and built in solutions to see that you make the perfect pie, every time.

The Mason Cash Perfect Pie range offers four different pie dishes, one large rectangle, one oval and two round pie dishes. The dishes are made from tough stoneware, which is great for cooking evenly because stoneware heats gradually and evenly throughout the dish. The base is slightly raised on “feet” which allows air to circulate underneath the dish and provides ventilation, allowing the base to cook evenly as well, and ensuring it does not end up soggy while the rest of the pastry crusts nicely.

Mason Cash Perfect Pie Range

The interior embossed design on the pie dishes is not just for aesthetics. These fine ridges not only improve the heat distribution further, making sure the pastry cooks and browns evenly, but they also make it easier to remove your pie, meaning it comes out the perfect shape and does not fall apart.

The rims of the pie dishes feature a pastry anchor to add grip to the pastry and prevent it shrinking and slipping down into the filling of the pie.

Mason Cash Baking Beans

The Mason Cash Perfect Pie range also offers other helpful accessories for baking pies and pastries, such as cutters, pasty moulds, a pastry blender to evenly blend your pastry ingredients, pie birds to act as a steam vent in your pie, and ceramic baking beans for perfect blind baking.

Home made pies, perfect every time with Mason Cash.

Mason Cash Perfect Pie

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