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The Guide To Perfecting Your Glassware Collection

Perfect Glassware Collection: Cocktail glasses

A complete modern barware collection is filled with an array of varied glassware, each style suiting different drinks. Whether your go-to is a cocktail, wine, beer or whiskey, there’s a glass for every occasion. Some glasses might be considered “must-have” styles, and other luxury barwares are simply nice to have around. Whilst some people think that a glass is just a glass – I personally have been partial to wine in a mug in my university days – choosing the right glass is guaranteed to make your drink taste better.

What Are Some Great Drinking Glasses?

Wine Glasses

Everyone has a favourite wine glass, especially for red wine. I know in my house we all have our favourites, and the house is truly rumbled if we use the wrong ones. Although, the house is also rumbled if we sit in the wrong seats at the dinner table, so perhaps we’re just creatures of habit. 

The Silver Mushroom Label Textured Red Wine Glasses come in a set of 4, and boast a unique dimpled texture, adding a touch of tactile elegance. These unique glasses are crafted for red wine enthusiasts, but the versatile shape promises a perfect tipple for intimate gatherings, romantic dinners, or simply unwinding after a long day.


Short Tumblers

Tumblers are undoubtedly one of the most integral aspects to perfecting your glassware collection. Short tumblers can fulfil purposes as simple as serving water, or may be reserved for expensive whiskeys. For this reason, having a range of different styles and priced tumblers can allow for this versatility. Your glasses should be worthy of what’s within it.

The Silver Mushroom Label Bubble Glass Tumblers are an adaptable option, designed to add a playful touch to your drinkware collection. The whimsical bubble design of this simple modern tumbler resides elegantly at the base of each glass, enhancing their visual appeal. Alternatively, the stylish Nkuku Mila Tumblers have a slightly more intricate etched detail, residing as a perfect whiskey tumbler. The clear glass hues will add a sophisticated look to this striking collection.

Large Tumblers for Long Drinks

Tall tumblers and highball glasses prevail as the most important every day glasses. But, just because they’re for every day, that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Adding a variety of unique glasses will elevate your barware collection.

The Copenhagen Large Stripe Tumblers by Broste Copenhagen are the perfect addition to spruce up your everyday glassware collection. They’re beautifully crafted from mouth-blown glass and feature a stripe design, adding a subtle, but effective design touch. If you’re tempted by a unique design, but the stripes don’t fit with your style, the Broste Copenhagen Limfjord Tumbler holds an equally individual design and boasts a Nordic inspired flare.

The Tall Nkuku Chandani Tumblers are also an endearing organic shape. Like the Broste Collection, each tumbler is hand blown from recycled glass into the irregular design. The soft, unregulated profile of the Chandani has a natural look. The thick lip of the glass is also rolled to create a soft surface that is pleasant to drink from. The Chandani is a playful and fresh option, demonstrating the beauty of the handmade process and simplistic design.

If you’re in search of a high-quality beer glass, the Nkuku Yala Glass is functional and stylish. A beer would be the perfect partner for this hammered detailed glass, but would also match non-alcoholic options. Every drink deserves a special glass, whether it’s alcoholic or not.

Cocktail Glasses

A glass that is often neglected when perfecting your at-home glassware collection, is a quality cocktail glass. Admittedly this is because not everyone has a cocktail shaker to pull out at home. More importantly, not everyone has the skill for a perfect espresso martini.

But if you’re a self-proclaimed mixologist, it would be foolish to make a cocktail without the perfect glass to serve it in. The Broste Copenhagen Sandvig Clear Cocktail Glass is a beautiful clear cocktail glass and is undoubtedly the ultimate entertaining glass.

Champagne Glasses

Last but most definitely not least, a set of champagne glasses is the final touch to perfecting your glassware collection.

This beautiful Broste Copenhagen Amber Champagne Glass is the perfect addition to your kitchen and dining table. The coloured glassware is inspired by the rich, golden hue of amber, the fossilised tree resin, and renowned for its beauty and warm colour. The stunning set will take your household entertainment to the next level. 

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