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The Late Summer Dinner Party Essentials

The Late Summer Dinner Party Essentials

A blog looking into what you need to host a successful late summer dinner party. A sunny summers day calls for nothing other than a dinner party. Yet, as nature begins its gradual transition into autumn, the weather may take a turn for the worst. 

Let the dance between clear skies and sudden showers remind you to stay prepared, ready to seamlessly shift from al fresco dining to a cosy indoor gathering. To help you cater for every occasion, we have carefully curated a range of dinner party essentials. Come rain or shine your summer soirée will be unforgettable. 

1. Nkuku Ajuru Mango Wood Server 

Elevate your summer dinner party with the Nkuku Ajuru Mango Wood Server. Crafted using time-honoured techniques and traditional tools, these platters boast an organic charm that resonates with the spirit of the season. From mezze and antipasto spreads to beautifully arranged breads and cheeses, this serving board transforms any culinary creation into an inviting masterpiece. 

This mango wood serving board is ideal for sharing foods from mezze and anti-pasto to breads and cheeses.

2. Gallery Interiors Organic Beaded Dinner Plates – Set of 4 

The Gallery Interiors Organic Beaded Dinner Plates make a charming addition to your tableware collection. With their elegant beaded accents, these plates effortlessly elevate any meal, whether it’s a casual family gathering or an intimate dinner with friends. Combine these beautiful dinner plates with coordinating pieces from the Gallery Interiors collection to create a harmonious and stylish table setting. 

Set of 4 beaded dinner plates by gallery interiors.  With their elegant beaded accents, these side plates effortlessly elevate any meal, whether it’s a casual family gathering or an intimate dinner with friends.

3. Silver Mushroom Label Set of 4 Ribbed Whiskey Tumblers

Elevate your late summer dinner party with our Set of Four Stripe Tumbler Glasses, exquisitely crafted from mouth-blown glass. The intricate stripe design lends a touch of understated elegance, transforming these tumblers into more than just drinkware. Whether you’re serving chilled lemonades, vibrant mocktails, or even a crisp rosé, these glasses effortlessly elevate both your beverages and the overall ambience of your soirée. 

Crafted from mouth-blown glass and featuring a stripe design that adds a subtle design touch. This set of four Stripe tumbler glasses are perfect for everyday use and when entertaining.

4. Nkuku Ela Serving Bowl – Large 

Featuring a delicate patterned rim in a cream hue, the Ela serving bowl adds a timeless touch to your table. It harmoniously showcases vibrant salads, flavourful pastas, or even a medley of grilled vegetables, inviting guests to serve themselves and share in the abundance of the season.

The generous proportions of the large Ela serving bowl make it ideal for sharing a delicious meal. Its cream hue and delicately patterned rim give it a stylish ‘country kitchen’ aesthetic.

5. Nkuku Cheese & Butter Knife Set 

Crafted from brass and adorned with a brushed gold finish, these knives are the epitome of refined elegance. Whether your taste be for brie, cheddar, or camembert, effortlessly slice through your favourite cheeses. Whether presented as an appetiser or incorporated into the dessert course, these knives lend a touch of sophistication to your evening, elevating the culinary experience for your guests.

The Osko set of Cheese and Butter Knives is forged from brass and finished in a striking brushed gold. We love the textured handle and the elegant design of the set.

6. House Doctor Champtub Wine Cooler

With a design that marries simplicity, timelessness, and rustic charm, it effortlessly becomes a standout piece in any modern home. Slide in your favourite bottles of wine or champagne, allowing your guests to indulge in chilled sips throughout the evening. 

The wine cooler is made of aluminium and has a sophisticated look. Its design is simple, timeless and rustic – one that stands out in a modern home.


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